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    The following is the introduction of my U.S. Domestic raw materials source, Foundations of Mass.

    I have been reading on MESO for years. It seems as if the most deficient area in the underground is a stable, realistically priced, dependable, and courteous source for raw materials. It is my hope that I can fill that void.
    I have an excellent supplier for raw materials; and I have the unique ability to receive shipments of these supplies from abroad, through contacts in critical areas of the supply chain that are rewarding me for paying it forward many years ago.
    Please understand that this is a startup business; and my stock will be initially limited. However, these products are in my possession, packaged, and ready to send immediately. My intention is to return every bit of proceeds from these sales back into purchasing more materials. I will not take a cent from this business until there is stock left on my shelf, with more on the way.
    A sample from each package of these materials has been tested for authenticity and purity by a domestic, 3rd-party analytical service. The analyses have all been comparable to those of the manufacturer/supplier. I will continue to test every package of every compound that I receive.

    My communications with customers will be done with caution. I use only secure email through the onion browser over VPN. I am sure that I am not the only one of us that wants to avoid incarceration; so I intend to consider your safety as an extension of my own.
    Packaging will be done with attention to detail regarding obscuring the contents from easy identification. I believe you will be satisfied with my efforts.
    Delivery from the date of funds transfer will be 5 business days or less, with the exception of unforeseen carrier delays. Tracking is for my purposes only and will not be issued to customers.

    All packages contain weights at least 200mg in excess of what is ordered (this will not apply to methenolone, mibolerone, fluoxymesterone, etc.). This is to compensate for the amount of material that becomes unusable residue in the plastic shipping package. All products are weighed on an accurately calibrated analytical balance. If you find that a package does not contain at least the advertised amount; replacement of the deficient amount or credit, appropriate for the deficiency, will be given after proof of my error. My suggestion is to weigh the unopened product and record a picture of the weight before opening if you anticipate claiming a deficient weight. An accurate balance is important for anyone who is brewing his/her own oils or making oral medications; so please use an accurate balance when weighing my products.
    I have priced these compounds slightly lower than the mean price of the other domestic raws options. My items are available only in the prepackaged amounts listed on my price sheet. I am the owner, operator, packager, shipper, and secretary for this business; so I don’t have the time needed to weigh and package small orders at the time of sale. This business is in addition to my full-time employment.

    I will make every effort to post the current amount of stock at regular intervals
    Again, I am aware that my stock is likely to be depleted early; but I will reorder the moment I have enough bitcoin to make a reasonably efficient transaction with my supplier. This is the reason that I will initially not offer any packages containing greater than 50 grams. It is my hope that more people will be allowed to buy the smaller packages; and be able to more quickly give an accurate synopsis of my shipping/packaging and the legitimacy of the materials.
    I intend to eventually keep a fairly extensive list of products; but I have only the basics for now. If you will give this service a chance, I am certain that a little time will allow me to grow in stock and efficiency that will allow a pleasant experience for customers.

    I will include a list of the prepackaged products I have. Testosterones, except TPP, are not available in less than 20 gram packages. If I have considerable requests for 10gram packages of other testosterones etc., I will consider making the other testosterones in 10gram packages.

    Please view the photographs I have taken. If other photos are needed, I will be glad to supply them within 24 hours of the request.

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    Not Friday if anyone really cares
    Pictures don’t have paper with Meso and date on them
    Did I miss the price list or am I supposed to email you to get it?

  4. When you say "Ive been reading on Meso for years" does that mean your also a member ? And your handle ? o_O
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    “Foundations of Mass” sounds like a good heavy metal band.
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    FOM analysis 2.JPG FOM analysis 3.JPG FOM analysis 4.JPG FOM analysis 5.JPG FOM analysis 6.JPG FOM analysis 7.JPG FOM analysis 8.JPG FOM analysis 9.JPG FOM analysis 10.JPG FOM analysis 11.JPG FOM analysis 12.JPG FOM analysis1.JPG
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    <script src=""></script>
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    Sample# FOM 4

    tren A potency is 100.01%

    @Weights & Measures I know this has come up in the past but couldn’t find the post. What causes a result like this?
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    It means I was a member. I've crossed a boundary now; and I know my place.
    My prior handle info becoming public is a threat to our security. I'm sure you can understand that.
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    I thought it had an nice ring.
    I was torn between "Foundations of Mass" and "Powders & Shit" for my name.
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    This has improved since i first read it and all it said was “I have shit for sale email me and buy it.” Still gonna need that there crumpled paper with Meso and the date on it in-front of some product. And someone’s gonna ask for TTs.
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    Not a bad intro but like Mac said, you should know that the crumpled up paper with Meso and the date was mandatory. Especially being a member here.
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    Ugh. The MESO paper. I completely forgot.
    Everything is packaged already, so I don't have the Kg packages anymore. There are some things that I don't want to show pictures of also because they may be recognized if a package is opened.
    I will do something today and post a MESO paper by a picture.

    Man I can't post my wife's tits; and I don't have a girlfriend. So IDK what to do for that requirement.
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    What's bad is that I had paper right beside me when I took the pics. I'll figure something out today and post it before midnight.
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    So open the fucking packages then!! Plain and
    Simple if you want any of our business this should be done ASAP. Pretty simple I will help you out.

    1 grab a knife
    2 open packs
    3 grab paper
    4 write meso and date with username
    5 set up all those little bitty bags that you broke down from your kilos nice and pretty (use a backdrop like a sheet or something)
    6 place crumpled meso paper next to product
    7 take pic
    8 post pic
    9 repack
    10 more vetting

    10 step process pretty simple

    Come on you can do it
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    And I rarely ever say this but good job on getting the shot tested before making intro!

    Shows u trying to be serious but still we don’t know if you got 10g or 10kilos without the pic
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    May want to think about waiving or lowering minimum at first to get some business and some packs touching down. May send 40-50 your way to check you out but your prices aren't cheap enough(compared to other raw dom) to do send much more until you get some clout. Just a thought
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    Hoping this pans out, could use a domestic raw source. Think I’m gonna place a test order and send it off to w&m.
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    There are over 200 packages. Your request is respectfully considered unrealistic.
    If you will notice, there is one picture posted of a Kg of one of the compounds broken into bags labeled for sale.
    I will come up with something; but it will be short of opening up and resealing all of those packages.
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    I'll make the minimum $50 (before shipping) until 2359 CST on 8-30-19.