Free ON Pro Pre with purchase of gold standard whey

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  1. Morefyah

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    I’ve never used ON’s pre workout’s but this seemed like a good deal so I wanted to share.
    If you order 5lbs of gold standard whey protein (I choose Choc PB) the toss is there new PRo Pre workout for free. It’s normally like $33. I’ve definitely seen better profiles but it ain’t bad for free.

    Optimum Nutrition Pro Pre at - Best Prices on Pro Pre!
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  2. macabremitch

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    aren’t you vegan ?
  3. Morefyah

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    Shhh, people might hear you..
    Just playing, I made it seven years man. I went back to being Vegetarian about a month ago. Honestly things really haven’t changed to much. I’ve transitioned into eating a small amount of eggs, cheese, and occasionally whey and casien. I am still using plant based milk and vegan protein as well. Anyway I was always a fan of ON gold standard and getting some free pre workout for something I would have ordered anyway seems like a good deal.
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  4. macabremitch

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    ahhh gotcha it’s all good man, i was just wondering because i started following you for that reason (3 yrs vegan now) they’re coming out with some seriously good plant proteins lately though so it’s making things easier.
  5. Morefyah

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    Well I have a lot vegan experience and if you ever have any questions or need recipes you know where to find me. I was a big fan of vega sport even though it’s pricey it has 30g protein per scoop @ 45 serving. So in the end it was the best bang for your buck.
    I would usually wait for it to go sale at 20% off and buy 15-20lbs at a time..
    I never did and still don’t miss cows milk.
    It was the eggs and cheese that were calling me. It now easier hit my macros and reach a higher all around protein intake without have to consume as many carbs.
    So far so good :)
  6. macabremitch

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    yeah i feel you, it’s a real bitch for protein when the one i use is only 10g a scoop. i’m gonna try the vega sport i heard good things.

    have you ever used black salt in tofu and make a scramble, that black salt stuff makes it taste just like eggs.
    i’m surprised you’ve missed cheese considering so many different vegan cheeses now lol good thing you’re not feeling anything negative though from the dairy, some guys break out real bad or have bad digestive
  7. tenpoundsleft

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    That's my main critique of vegan eating, sure you can get proteins but they come with a lot of carbs attached. I eat vegan protein bars because I like the purity, but then I have lean beef or Mahi Mahi for dinner, and obviously dairy based protein powder.

    Did you feel any difference after switching to your more blended diet?

    What's your protein target per day and what's your body weight?

    (I also don't care for the sanctimonious tone that many vegans use toward their surroundings, they're such missionaries.)