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    Dude get the fuck off this post. You come in like you are a expert and then bash others. If you think Google is a “source” that should be trusted, honestly I don’t know what to tel you cause that’s just fucking retarded.
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    retarded ... lmfao !!! Hey homeboy who the fuck are you to tell me anything, let alone to get the fuck off the post. I came here to help, sorry I am not spoon feeding your derelict ass the info you WANT to here. There is a reason why no one has replied to you, because you are an idiot plain and simple. Most guys would kill to have a free test level that high. But instead you find the need to complain and then when someone comes here with righteous info that you dont like, you cry about it and start throwing around Insults. I help out on the people PM all the time for help, I like doing it but the one thing I do t do is talk about shit I do t know, why did you even ask for help if you Had all the answers in the first place. You want bullshit Info that you can trust, go join BoP and get fucked, you fucking ingrate. I didn’t bash anyone til now. But don’t start a discussion. If you are willing to have one. Sorry your ass is sore.
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