Free test of 4000 on 200mg test e pw and 1000iu HCG eod!!! and IGF-1

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    I am on 200mg of test e per week and 1000IU of hcg eod, I could not believe my free test levels came in around 4000!!! Blood test was done 60 hours after the last test e injection. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Why am i taking high dose of HCG? In preparation for fertility, I am about to start full pct in a couple of weeks.

    About a moth ago, i was on 2X test dose (400mg per week) and no HCG, free test was 2200.
    Previously, when I was on HCG mono-therapy of 1000iu eod, my igf-1 came around 350. is this elevation of ifg-1 due to HCG same as due to HGH for all the touted benefits of increased igf-1?
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    Different bottle you injected from this ho around? Sounds like overdosed test.
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    20x..i might be concerned about the source.
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    lol at test levels. Something is amiss bud, consider getting that oil tested if you have a stash of it. You're test level is retarded high.

    Almost feel like this is a joke because that oil you have would have to be a ridiculously high concentration for that level at 1 injection per week. I feel like you would be crippled at the very least. Are you sure you didn't imagine an extra zero on that free test reading?
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    Ill take 2 sir
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    What's your total test?
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    Even still, hard to imagine they are creating a liquid at that kind of concentration... If 300mg's/ml is - more or less - the max, at most he'd be pinning 300mg's/week, right? So, something else is off here.... I don't think his test is THAT overdosed, as it would be pure powder LOL.
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    Do you have your lab work? Can you post without your personal info?
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    Wouldn’t the 1k iu hcg EOD be playing a huge role in this? After all, high HCG is part of the Scally Power pct.
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    But think through the other possibilities..

    1. Crossed bloodwork - odds of that happening AND ending up crossed with a heavier AAS user?
    2. It’s actually 400 - only 2x his dose? That’d make his product pure sterile oil that sat near test powder for a couple days before shipping
    3. ???

    ODd product seemed the most likely to me but you’re’d be like shooting sand.
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    Yeah but...adding 2000ng to his test levels (if you assume he’s an ultra responder, 10x to test dose)?

    Somebody get the Drs in here.
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    Man I used a blend of 350 test e an 100 test prop all the time an I can't imagine how the pip would be to get those num in 1 pin there has to be a issue with the bloodwork or his interpretation of it
  14. Michael Scally MD

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    Such a long winded answer. :p
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