Free test of 4000 on 200mg test e pw and 1000iu HCG eod!!! and IGF-1

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    I am on 200mg of test e per week and 1000IU of hcg eod, I could not believe my free test levels came in around 4000!!! Blood test was done 60 hours after the last test e injection. Has anyone else experienced this?

    Why am i taking high dose of HCG? In preparation for fertility, I am about to start full pct in a couple of weeks.

    About a moth ago, i was on 2X test dose (400mg per week) and no HCG, free test was 2200.
    Previously, when I was on HCG mono-therapy of 1000iu eod, my igf-1 came around 350. is this elevation of ifg-1 due to HCG same as due to HGH for all the touted benefits of increased igf-1?