Freezing HCG

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    Due to hcg degrading so fast and BAC water going bad after 28 Days.
    I have read that many people simply make all the dosages they plan to use, save them in insulin needles, and put them in the freezer for storage.

    This is supposedly supposed to maintain its potency and stop bacteria from developing.
    All you have to do is pull one out the freezer, turn on room temp water from the sink and watch it unfreeze until safe to pin.

    Is this a legitimate method that actually works to maintain potency?
  2. genixcon

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    I didn’t know bac water went bad
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  3. Dthcore

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    Neither did i but i kept reading it come up!! Im by no means a professional so i thought id ask! Better safe than sorry! xD

    Do you happen to know if freezing the hcg works? I also ready that after the 30 day mark it still works just loses potency over time. So i might not freeze it.
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    No I don’t use hcg, sorry bro. I was just reading that it recommended to store at room temp also. I keep mine in the fridge
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  5. Just keep it in the fridge if it’s been mixed. Should be fine much longer than 30 days, probably a couple months before it starts degrading and even then you probably won’t notice the difference.
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    I was referring to the bac water in this post.
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  7. Silentlemon1011

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    That's what Hospira says about their bac stat.

    That being said....
    I've been reconstituting my GH in like 6 month old opened bac stat.
    All sides are there and I'm losing fat nicely without changing my diet (At maintence cals)

    No irritation or infections at 3 weeks of GH and peptides
    So I guess it's working lol
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  8. g-protein

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    This is how I've done it for the last 3 years. Occasionally I run hcg-monotherapy instead of trt and my bloodwork shows freezing the hcg doesn't affect it's potency at all. Also, there is no need to run it under water to thaw, it takes about 5 minutes to unfreeze in room temperature and if you need to thaw it faster, just hold the syringe between your fingers.
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    According to the FDA any injectable medications should be discarded 28 days after you draw from the vial the first time. I wouldnt freeze your hcg, the fastest way to destroy it would probably be freezing it.
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    Freezing HCG?

    Should hCG be kept frozen for later use?

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