French gov't destroyed 33 churches but built 1000 mosques

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    French Government Has Destroyed 33 Churches In The Last Two Decades While At The Same Time Built 1000 Mosques- European People, Stop Cutting Your Own Wrists And Start Fighting

    Gov't shouldn't either build or destroy churches/mosques
    they all can pray to whatever god their like in their homes

    As a spinoff
    it would be interesting to compare how many males using male hormones have been jailed (juicers)
    vs how many male transgenders got free female hormones from the gov't

    In retrospect America was wrong entering WWII
    Die to save the French?
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    You are an idiot. 1000 churches were built and only 33 mosques were destroyed.
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    A nimrod to the bitter end.
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    Do you own a pistol? Load it place it in your cock pocket and pull the trigger. Spare us all.
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    Zelda? Yeah, Link is pretty boss. I think this is a fantastic thread. Definitely needs a sticky
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    Hey what's the truth here?