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    Used cars, hell motherfuckers are paying upwards of $1000 a month rt now to rent shit trailer homes you could pick up for probably under 20k PAID OFF! That means in 2 years your investment is paid off and in 2 more years you're up 24k, on 1 property!

    If anyone has a ROTH you need to pull out against that bitch and use it for real estate, pay yourself back when you're making a good monthly return, you'll have yourself paid back and still be ahead of the game. Piss on this long game shit, why in the hell do I want to wait until I'm 65 years old to get any return. Oh yea, let's not forget the tax paranoia and all the little stupid rules abt pulling out early. No no, we don't want you to get to your money into you are rolling around in a scooter, drooling on yourself and too stupid to spend the money anyways!

    You just wake up one day and realize, it's all 1 big, stupid fucking game!
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    So you're recommending a sell on long term stocks, and a buy on trailer homes?

    Solid advice. Thank you Dave Ramsey.
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    Almost as deep as the cuts you are gonna get from eating like shit but starting Anavar. STFU bitch , you don't know shit from rice krispies
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    I'll tell you one difference- your advice stinks like shit, and rice krispies snap crackle pop.
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    I forget who said you can't catch a falling knife. I only know BTC is less in dollars now than it will be when this blows over. I bought some today at around $4600, and hope to buy more next week for less. It could still drop by half from here, but I doubt it.
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    I did last winter when it was around 3K, bounced back up to 9-10K in three months.

    Bought up about $500 in XRM as well. It's not high, but I've already had a good return buying at less than .10.
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    I picked one up at $4,617 the other day. Hurry up and wait
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    Man, it just won't go down anymore. Stocks get crushed, bonds too now, gold, silver, but BTC? Freaking $5K solid. Starting to think it's bottomed out.

    I wouldn't have expected it to be more stable than gold, but it clearly is. I guess banks are used to manipulating the gold price, but haven't quite gotten BTC figured out yet. Probably not enough Fed worshiping sheep own BTC, and the ones that did sold out the minute they needed cash.
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