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Hey guys I am

5ft 10
28 years old
Eat right, train right

Naively of me I have only taken oral anadrol, Dianabol and winstrol before (I know I know)

Anyway -

I have read into injecting and read many people's opinions on cycles but I would like help if possible... I have

Sustanon 250 (inject) &
Dianabol (10mg tabs)

From what I have read I believe the best stack cycle for these 2 would be

10 week cycle

Sustanon 250 - 1ml on monday
1ml on Thursday
Dianabol - 40mg (4 10mg tablets a day

Now , I am unable to buy any other steroids at the moment so please Can anyone confirm the best cycle for what I do have??

Also please can anyone tell me what PCT to use and when to use it ?

Thank you guys


I'll add that I recommend using Dbol for no more than 4 to 6 weeks. I didn't see you mention how long you planned on using the Dbol.
And I agree with ironwill on using pharma grade for pct. Good luck


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Thank you

What do you mean by pharma grade compounds?

Ok so you suggest 40mg for no more than 6 weeks?
Is this due to bloat?
you have a good cycle set up just as you have it , as far as pct do some research on it their is a great thread on it , I will tell you though always use pharma grade compounds for pct always.
Ironwill what do you think about MWF dosing for the sustanon??
I've always ran it like that in the past with good results, but now Im actually runnning it EOD.

OP could run .7cc 3x/weekly = 525mg total
OP could run .8cc 3/weekly = 600mg total
(and you would get exactly 12.5 pins per vial so it breaks out nice and even)


For pct I recommend hcg 1000iu every week until 3 weeks after your last jab of sust. Take an AI to keep estrogen controlled on cycle and during the clearance period as it is a very suppressive hormone itself so you will find it harder to recover if you do not manage it on cycle - dosage will be very individual I for example used 1/4 tab letro eod on a cycle of 500mg test e and 50mg dbol.
You may want clomid to boost your LH after that too, usual dosing is 4 weeks of 50mg ed tapering to 25mg in the final 2 weeks however personally I think it is a lot and your body will start producing LH quickly IF your estrogen has been controlled while on cycle too.
I like it MWF and although the differences may be negligible at that does its worth considering adding another day into your injection protocol @Musicman to fully utilize the short esters in the blend.


I like pinning sus as much as possible wen using it.. It cuts down on injection volume an that means less pip .

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