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Discussion in 'Powerlifting Forum' started by franchise24, Oct 3, 2017.

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    After using the belt for 10 months now. It's an awesome belt. I love it.

    I had issues in the beginning using the belt to deadlift with. But now I'm good with it on deads. One issue and I'll post the pics to better show what I'm talking about.

    There are 2-3 pins that slide up and if you remove them all the buckle comes off. Well two of the three have come lose and I have to constantly push them back down. I contacted Anderson Powerlifting and they are waiting on SBD to get back with them on this issue. I also sent then the pics I'm about to post. IMG_20171002_124950.jpg IMG_20171002_125012.jpg IMG_20171002_125016.jpg
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    Other belts I have purchased this year.

    Pioneer 4" wide 10mm lever
    Pioneer deadlift belt: 3" wide 10mm lever

    Inzer Forever Belt
    Titan Brahama belt

    The pioneer belts are solid. I like the 4" 10mm to bench in. It was originally purchased to be my deadlift belt since I was have issues getting comfortable with the SBD. But SBD I can use for everything now.

    The pioneer deadlift belt waste of money. Not the quality just that it's only 3" wide. Still makes a decent bench belt.

    Inzer Forever Belt not enough time with it to give a fair review. It's stiff as hell out of the box. But I like it stiff for squats.

    Titan Brahama belt. Haven't used it yet. Once I get enough time with it I'll post my review on it.
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    Anderson Powerlifting sent me a new buckle got to me today. I called on Monday about the issue. Great customer service.