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    Anyone ever taken tamoxifen and had a severe case of BPH result within 2 weeks. Well neither have I. But HYPOTHETICALLY, if I had taken 20mgs a day for 2 weeks, and for about the last five days it felt like BEAVERS WERE BUILDING A DAMN DAM in MY URETHA... Could it be related. Speculating that this person would have experienced BPH only once or twice in his meager existence and knows the difference betweeen having a Tabb'd up dick that wont piss....:drooling:

    Did I say GAME ON!!!! Tonight. .... Ras is in town...

    By the by. Does this prove that I booted some E's out and let the A's In........?:confused::rolleyes:

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    So I am taking this to the Steroid column as well now. I cant believe no one has an affirmation...
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    So you got your dick working but you can`t piss afterward? What if you cant cum either?:eek:[:eek:)]
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    Just a two week trial run I did on some samples. CLEARLY, the prostate became swollen, and for the first time in my 40+ year life. It was more than a coincidence and not an age thing either.

    And NO, my dick did not stop working. ALthough actually, it almost did now that I think about it....:D

    But I believe this is more proof of the incredible receptor competition that goes on in tissues like the prostate. I booted some E's out, and more A's clearly gained some controlling action.

    I think it may become clear over the next few years that prostated cancer is MORESO a function of estrogen imbalance in men. Meaning, BALANCE is going to be key again, as it is in life. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that there is no way to PROFILE receptor activity in SPECIFIC sites in different folks with a physical GLANCE. This I believe is simple genetics. So you have guys with full heads of hair and no body hair, but you wonder why estrogen has not whacked them under a rug. Then you have guys with all the androgen symptoms in the world that may or may not develop prostate cancer. You even have thin guys that are not obese, or do not get but only slighlty obese later in life, or time to time. How could anyone corrolate any of this.???

    The KEY, I am wondering. IT IS TIMELINE??? COULD IT BE JUDGED BY BPH ACTIVITY. Meaning, use this as a guage to determine whether one needs some Estrogen RESET. First you would have to qualify that men are interpreting BPH apart from cancer growth correctly, which means you have to mark baseline in the 30's by creating an androgen related BPH. Next you would have to be sure men did not go estrogenic in the prostate for TOO long, with a RESET FROM TIME TO TIME...

    How many prostate cancers could be prevented by a simple SERM adminstration briefly (2 weeks) twice a year, thus restoring A to E balance.. ?? Like any exposure to anything. It takes more than a day to morph a cancer. I wonder...:)


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