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  1. Neewbiest guy

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    Hey fellas looking to see what gauge you all use for pinning Test. The endo gives me BD 21x1 but I can't find that size for the life of anywhere on gpz Med lab. Since I'll be pinning twice a week I'll need the extra pins once I start my cycle.
  2. JP1979

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    21g? I’m a pussy. I use 27g 1.25 or 28g 1/2” slins
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  3. test>tren

    test>tren Member

    I use 27-28g 1/2in slin pins for all injections
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  4. Hacksaw Jim

    Hacksaw Jim Member

    Personally,, the very minimum I would go with is a 22 guage. I normally like to use the 23 guage needles in the larger muscle groups,, and the 22 gauge in the smaller muscle groups. Also,, if your injecting into the ass,,, you will definitely need a 1.5 inch needle. If your quads are small,, then you can get away with a one inch needle
  5. Vipera1

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    I would recommend 25g-27g 1"-1.5".

    Keep it as small as possible for minimal scar tissue, as most of us will be on gear on/off for the rest of our life, so over decades of pinning you would like to be smart about this approach.

    P.s. when I started my trt about a decade ago, my fucking doctor prescribed a pack of needles and syringes, I didn't know better and he didn't gave a shit, so I had to use the whole box, everything was rx so couldn't get anything else.

    This shit was 1ml syringes with 18g 1.5" needle. Motherfucker!
    Was only pinning glutes and thighs, but it did hurt.
  6. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    Excellent thanks! This makes its easy narrow down then. All of these sizes are readily available on GPZ!
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  7. test>tren

    test>tren Member

    wincing just thinking about pinning with an 18g :confused:
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  8. Neewbiest guy

    Neewbiest guy Member

    I was by NO means going to go that big :eek:. lol I figured if anything maybe a 20g at largest depending on the replies I got. Glad to hear 25g is gtg! :D
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  9. TenPin

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    21g .... aren’t they for horses :)
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  10. SirPuFFaLoT

    SirPuFFaLoT Member

    I have been using 23g with no issues but I switched to 25g to try it out and it's a lot harder for me to pin with. I like the 23g better. 25g takes so damn long to get the oil out. My hand moves around too much squeezing the damn 25g that is causes more pip than a 23g. I have never officially timed it but 1mL through 25g seems to take over a minute while 23g takes about 10 seconds.

    I have 1.5" ( for glutes) and 1". If I had to choose only one length it would be 1"
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  11. Tiredandhot

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    27ga is what I use.
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  12. Potato

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    28 gauge 1/2 inch slin pins work great. Just back load it. Takes no more than 5 seconds to shoot.
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  13. Tinytim

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  14. phenominal34

    phenominal34 Member

    5 seconds to shoot ...are you pinning water based lol ? Also how many Mgs ?

    I pin around 200 mgs or close to a ML of mast e and test e combined in one 3ml 25g 1inch BD needle and it takes 35-45 secs ...
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  15. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Use 25g x 1” for delts and 1.5” for glutes and thighs
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  16. Btcowboy

    Btcowboy Member

    I use 25x1 quads and delts
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  17. Artifex

    Artifex Member

    25g x 1" ; glutes 1 1/2" .. I remember back in the days used couple of times 18g to glutes ...
  18. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    I have used 1” in quads but prefer 1.5” for them
  19. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    Yes those damn 18g harpoons! Ouch!
  20. EazyE

    EazyE Member

    The only good thing was mine were attached to sust preload redirects.