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    So let's play a game. I will play the role of the devil and attempt to overshadow your every positive thought about beating the market. You are armed with only average investor type assets and capabilities (ie - you don't own a seat on the NYSE). So you may now refer to me as DeVilDiK for the remainder of this thread. I invite all comers to this challenge, as I will surely destroy all your hopes a d dreams of doing the impossible - escaping your preset inescapable financial CASTE..! I will debunk your every positive notion with fact filled horrors that will leave you most certain that while you can spend the next years of your life wallowing in self-induced ecstacy of the PLEASURE-PAIN Principle that is, at the end of the day - the best that you can hope for is to die in your sleep..! Lol
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    Step up - this is intended as a positive and productive tool...!
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