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  1. Dan_GETM

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    Here are the prices for domestic shipping:

    ORALS, 100 x in each bottle:

    70$ Oxandrolon 10 mg
    40$ Stanozolol 10 mg
    40$ Methasteron 10 mg
    35$ Methandienon 10 mg
    40$ Methyltest 25mg
    60$ Oxymetholon 50mg
    90$ Methenolon acetat 20mg
    50$ Turinalon 10mg
    30$ tamoxifen citrat 10mg
    90$ Anastrozol 1mg
    50$ clomid 50mg
    90$ Letrozol 2mg
    40$ 7oxo DHEA 25mg

    INJECTABLES, 10ml in each vial:

    30$ Testosteron propionat 100mg
    40$ Testosteron enanthat 250mg
    40$ Testosteron cypionat 250mg
    70$ Trenbolon enanthat 200mg
    50$ Trenbolon acetat 100mg
    50$ D- Nandrolon 200mg
    50$ P- Nandrolon 100mg
    50$ Boldenon undecyclenat 200mg
    90$ Methenolon enanthat 100mg
    40$ W-stanozolol 50mg
    50$ Drostanolon propionat 100mg
    70$ Drostanolon enanthate 200mg
    40$ Testomix 250mg

    Shipping method:

    USPS priority with tracking 10 $

    Payment methods:

    Bank wire, western union, moneygram and BITCOIN (10% discount from order total price)

    Minimum order is 100 USD.

    To put an order, please send it to my secure email adress:

    Best regards Dan
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  2. joe0035

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    All GE-TM products Dan? :drooling:
  3. 1fnprick

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    looks good Dan!
  4. ebkallday

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    If these are the same Getm products you have been hooking us up with, your are in business my man. Great prices! Way to stay competitive. Brewed domestic, or shipped in? Hopefully the latter.

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  5. JackC4

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    Prices look very good, waiting to hear back Dan.
  6. pabstblue

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    Cant wait to place a second order my man.
  7. jayb

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    I assume dan has been checked out by the mods and is gtg? Would like to place an order this morning.

    MANWHORE Member

    See now I would pay extra, for domestic..

    What's Bitcoin?
    Anyone using this?

    I need to get, with the program
  9. Didn't I just see something in the news about Bitcoin ? I didn't read the article , but the headlines weren't good., I remember that much.
  10. cgreen13

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    Cool beans!!!!!:)
  11. msanchez

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    Yes, the fed gvt is not a fan of bitcoin lol.
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  12. pabstblue

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    But what can they do lol
  13. msanchez

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    Exactly lol. I just avoid it, though, just in case.

    Also, any word on the legitimacy of GE-TM products, like the test, adex, and nolva?
  14. goldguns

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    Has anyone made an order yet? For those who asked bitcoin is an anonymous online currency some quick google searches will add some detail. To buy some I suggest coinbasedotcom or localbitcoinsdotcom however the price of btc fluctuates dramatically and randomly at times (when it started btc was worth $7=1 BTC now it's ~$630=1BTC highest price has been in the thousands) early adopters made some good money lol
  15. pabstblue

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    Thats why you buy it right before sending payment to avoid drastic or any fluctuations
  16. Read the other thread on the luck some others are having getting delivery. WTF, the gear could be the best you ever had but what good is it if you don't get your package ?

    I never waited months even when I was getting stuff overseas.
  17. joe0035

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    Yeah I have to say I have been waiting for ge-tm to really SHOW UP based on what seems to be great comments from some pretty reliable people. Supposed to be really quality stuff but I am really disappointed with the way they are doing things.
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  18. kakewak

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    Will reloadit ever be a payment option??
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  19. Juice n Goose

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    Yeah the prob with BitCoin is deflation. one day its value is equal to what you paid and the next day it plummets.
    I used to do The TOR PROGRAM for various things and I guess all in all it came out pretty even but one day I looked and had lost 63 cents to the dollar!!!

  20. MassTurk

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