Gear Church - Any info on this lab

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    Yep. And I'll pretty much guarantee the packs will come in.
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    exactly. Whatever the issue is will be made correct in due time and anyone who doesn’t receive top notch service for one reason or another is always made up to. I wouldn’t be surprised if he send a triple order to make up for whatever issue arises with a more than acceptable explanation on what happened and not the typical source bs of something must have happened sorry I’ll re send it
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    I can vouch for everything Jswole and Garlic Chicken has posted. I post as Gymrat38 on ASF and GC is my only go to for fin oils. Guy goes above and beyond to take care of people. I don’t post much here but I thought I’d kick a shout out for GC and Ldog. Some truly good people.
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    Maybe I stand corrected then I’ve never seen so many vouch for a source
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    who the fuck is this new guy coming in here giving out gtg’s on sources?!?!? Lol just joking bro good to see you here
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    I have to ask though bulldog..... is that a UG reference?
  7. Like I said. I'm not here to bash GC.. and I highly doubt he would burn me over a measly 120$ order.

    Things happen. This is the black market..not Amazon Prime.
  8. Jswole220

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    like I said man this is one of the maybe 2.2 sources I would say yea order from them and inject away lol

    he had his hiccup about a year ago with tpp and I’m sure the big flaw meso will point out is he doesn’t test his finished product. Let’s be real here though testing finished product done by a source is about as good as the source saying my gear is gtg, it’s the best gear available. For those who don’t know how that works the source 9x out of 10 send the samples in like such: sample A 1-50mg of Dianabol, sample B 1-250mg of test e, sample C 1-100mg of tren ace. Sure some may say they send In blind samples and take pictures of vials only labeled sample a, sample b, and sample c bit are thoes the vials they are sending in? Maybe so but that doesn’t mean they don’t include the info they shouldn’t in an e mail. Especially with sources like jano what results do you think they will receive back? Especially when they are sending in e mails with an e mail adress like The only way to spot check a source is members randomly sending in samples or bloods. Not all sources do this we do have some that actually do the testing in an honest manner but what about the results the get back that are something like tren a 63mg per ml that’s advertised as 100mg per ml. Do you think they are going to post thoes results and say we are temporarily pulling tren until we get new raws in to test? Hell no they will simply add more raws than they should and send you finished product that’s brewed with 37% baby powdered.
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  9. At the end of the day all of these labs are at the mercy of the manufacturing plants that produce these raws. 95% of these guys over in china named "Alan" or "Michelle" that sell raws - don't even know what they are selling. They are middle men and will tell you anything to make a sale.

    Actual mass spec testing of samples isn't cheap and as JSwole can't trust the source to supply legit mass spec results. The best way to do it is the old fashioned way - send it off yourself.

    This is why I make my own gear.. I'll make a few years worth and send it off for testing. That way i know exactly what's in it.

    With the TPP incident that happened..that was not GCs fault as much as it was the manufacturing plants fault. Sure..GC should have had those raws tested..but when your slinging as much gear as I think he is, there isn't enough time to do so as sales happen so quickly and you fall into the habit of getting comfortable with your powder source and trust them too much.

    Ok I'm rambling... maybe my pack will magically show up tomorrow with extra goodies from Santa.
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    No bro, I have an English Bulldog that was born Apr 13, 2018. Bulldog413 is an email I have so I threw the handle in here and BoP instead of gymrat.
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    You guys should politely suggest that he looks to source here. It’s free.

    I doubt they’ll take you up on that though. MESO is a tough place to source. Ask ARL, he came here a year ago all cocky about being in business for 10 years. A couple terrible sample results later and they took a drop in business.

    Oh yea, and Sparta. They offered empty promises as well, then it was apparent they didn’t know what the fuck they were doing making caps.

    Shout outs? Wtf. It’s an internet drug dealer... not your best friend in high school.
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    Do you guys remember the brewer Tone who was busted last year? I suggest you go look at ASF, your guy ninjaturtle007 aka blimpy on asf was banned over there last night.

    Here's the link ATTN: Please read.
  13. You should tag him, especially if you're going to make such a bold accusation.


    They say you're Kyle himself. If you are, i'm a little upset that you haven't spontaneously combusted as i had hoped. i'm still keeping my fingers and toes crossed though.
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    If it is him and he ordered from GC I dont think GC is GTG anymore
    Ive never tried him but he does have a following on ASF
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    And the plot thickens
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    I usually dont trust anything I read about sources on ASF. They banned me a few years ago for calling out one of their bigger sponsors at the time MLG if you all remember. Mother Fucker sent me sugar pills with I swear to god pixie stix inside and straight GSO oil with no test. As soon as I called them out an Admin sent me a DM telling me to stop bashing the source and banned me for putting them on blast.

    Might be a good resource for other things but I swear half the retards on ASF post their labs running 500mg test a week and will get called test results that just show you test us greater than 1500 and all the dick riders will keep posting g2g haha fuck ASF
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    Please disregard this above post- I have no idea what is going on and probably better that I don't. I have no basis or evidence for saying that GC is not GTG.
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    MLG turned out to be straight crap. Fuckin dawg pound! Bullshit I couldn't stand it. You forgot to mention the hair in vials lol

    But that was a long time ago. Things have changed dramatically for the better there. Capped test results are looked at exactly as what they are, and we call out crap results all the time. You might be surprised
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    And the plot thickens. So you were hacked?
  20. Glocker

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    Was it a scalp hair or a pube? If it was a pube then MLG must have been the re-branded Rowdy. Pubes were his calling card kinda like a mint on the pillow but different.
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