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    Just want some quick input and thoughts on expiration dates on vials or amps of gear. Do you guys think that an amp or vial is truly finished after that EXP. date or do you guys think there is some wiggle room and some time after the fact that it's reached it's exp date. Should I wait for it to crash or get cloudy, just get rid of it or should it still be good for another couple of months. I bought a bunch of gear that I didn't seem to finish before it's exp date and now I don't know what to do with it. Also if it's supposed to exp 8/2018 does that mean it expires on the first of aug or do i have till the end of aug.
    P.S forgot to mention that the gear is UGL and not pharm is that matters or makes a difference.
    Thanks in Advance for any POSITIVE input
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    Don’t worry about expiration date. As long as it is stored in a cool dark place it will be fine years beyond the expiration date. Years ago my doctor told me that those expiration dates are bogus and never to worry about using medication after the date. People say that potency starts to weaken but even that doesn’t make sense.
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    I was told by my doctor as well that your medication doesn't turn into a pumpkin after the expiry date. He said my test is "good for years". He also said the stuff that does degrade/ expire are antibiotics and preparations expressly stored in coolers/fridge.
    Just what i was told.
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    Also, you are taking something made in someone’s kitchen, I don’t think the expiration date is as accurate as it’s made to look.
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    Could always re filter it
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    I've got some GAULS TNE from around 8 years ago that I still use and it still works fine. Never had an infection from injecting anything.