gear tested?

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  1. Is there a source who will test members gear?
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    Not sources
    but there are some quality labs
  3. Yes I meant labs. Thanks!
  4. Is chem4tox same as chemtox in Switzerland?
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    Chemtox is based in France and they do lab test only on aas (raw and finished products) NO HGH. their official web site is

    Lab4tox is based in Poland and they make lab test on all aas (raw and finished products) hgh and peptides.
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    I can’t find the tab to change the language from Polish to English on Lab4tox website. Do you speak Polish? Do you see it?
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    Polish isn’t my language unfortunately... but you can use google translate..
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    Hello - I am Aleksandra with Lab4Tox :)

    unfortunately we do not have a website translation ... I'm sorry ...
    you can write to me by e-mail <>
    I answer your questions.
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    You should start up your own thread in the Lab testing section.
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    I have too much work and no time to participate in the discussions :)
    I only look here sometimes.

    I testet of samples for you the best I can :)