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    My name is Billy and I am the owner of Gear Whores. I have been active on a few different pages throughout the years, but never as a source. I have been brewing for roughly 4 years now, 2 of which I have brewed and sold gear locally. My team is small, but my guys are all very educated and on point with everything from safety, to sanitation. I am very well educated in online security and anonymity as I have a “tech” background to say it simply. Our raws were previously purchased through PPL, but we switched when the whole hair fiasco went down. Currently our raws are being purchased through a private source we have known for years. We have been performing melt point testing on our raws since day one, but we are all for double checking for more accuracy. Before posting I skimmed through the forums and it seems as if a member by the name “Analyzer” on here is a trusted source for testing product. I have reached out to him via PM, and I am waiting to hear back from him. As stated before, we are a very small team and we do not wish to expand. With that being said, we are not using all of the latest laboratory equipment as seen on TV in pharmaceutical company buildings. We are a UGL, but I assure you that all sanitation and quality control measures are being followed. We soak all glassware in 50/50 water and alcohol for two hours prior to brewing. We use both glass filters with replaceable .22um filters, as well as .22um bottle top filters. All Glassware is then baked on 400 degrees for two hours prior to brewing. All vials are sterilized prior to bottling and all stoppers are soaked in alcohol as well. All vials are 10ml.Our stock is below with pricing which is subject to change later on. Our stock is very basic but we are open to new suggestions. We will offer $150 store credit for those wishing to get bloodwork done while using our gear. We will only be accepting Western Union and Bitcoin for payment as of now. I have plenty of stock which I will snap some pictures of and post below. I am here to answers all questions and address any concerns you may have.



    Test P 100mg $15

    Test E 250mg $25

    Test C 250mg $25

    tren A 100mg $30

    Tren E 200mg $35

    Mast P 100mg $30

    Mast E 200mg $35

    NPP 100mg $25

    EQ 250mg $35

    DECA 250mg $35

    Orals are in 30 count bags in caps, unless stated

    DBOL 25mg $25 (in Grain Alcohol 30ml)

    Anavar 25mg $25

    cialis 25mg $30

    nolva 20mg $30

    clomid 25mg $30

    Anadrol 25mg $40
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    First off it was hard to read through that with it not being broke into paragraphs. I kept reading and reading and I must have missed the punch line.
    With a name like @Gear_Whores there has to be a punch line to this!?
    And if you are serious, which I doubt, then you should do some more reading around to see what we ask from a new source.
    You say your posting pics and that still hasn’t happened. Provide em, and don’t waste our time right off the bat.
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    This is probably just the same guy as every other bullshit scam. Majesty, Gear Factory, Colossal, Pharmatech..etc. Even if this thread wasn't meant to be a joke, it is. There wont be pictures, just the same damn intro crap every other one has fed us.
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    Ahhh, nice to see you Colossal Gear Factory piece of shit. I see nothing has changed. Why am I not shocked you said “I will post some pics below”? We know your games by now.

    We all know who you are. Get lost.
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    Nice creativity with the lab name and is that you, Colossal Gear Factory? Bet you will be answering PMs and sending tracking within the hour...
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    I’d lean towards gear factory just by the writing style alone. No paragraphs and sentence after sentence.
    I believe it was @HIGHRISK that pointed that out in the gear factory thread.
    And I think I remember someone mentioning that gear factory was thebrewkit aka NDAnabolics.
    Was that you @ickyrica that mentioned that??
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    Pics of your setup and stock with Meso and the date written on a crumpled up piece of paper or GTFO.
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    My apologies gents, I will post pictures here shortly. And no, I am not involved with any other lab except this one.
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    No BS here man. I am offering store credit for blood work, and I have stated I am willing to send our raws in for testing with analyzer.
  10. Im a Gear_Slutbag
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  11. i also eat ass and like to have human feces smeared all over my mouth and eyes like a bad horse.
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    lets go through the vetting, and see if he answers the questions presented.
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    I am here to answer all questions and address any concerns
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    pictures of equipment and stock with meso and date written on a piece of paper
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    Pics. Now.
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    You opened this thread last night and are active online now. You still haven’t added any pics, no tests, no blood work, NOTHING! I would recommend posting the pics of your lab, stock, etc before adding to this ridiculous thread. We have a protocol here. From last night to this morning you have said you will post pics shortly. 12hrs later (your active and responding in your thread) by still no pics. Let’s cut the shit and get down to brass tacks.

    ....and don’t forget the wife’s titties
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    Understood sir. I am in the process of uploading the pics of stock. I had some pictures previously taken, but they did not have MESO and the date. I am in no way trying to scam anyone. It is to my understanding that labs sending in finished product for testing is frowned upon. With that being said, we will offer 200$ for the first 5 individuals to send gear in for testing with a relatable source.
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    I have tried to price our gear lower than most other UGL as I am the “new guy” and I understand I must prove myself. I am open to suggestions for any new compounds you would like to see. We are in the process of capping aromasin, DNP, and winny as well. Dosages will be as follows:

    Aromasim 12.5mg
    DNP 250mg
    Winstrol 25mg
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    I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding sterilization, brewing, bottling, shipping, customer security, etc.