Gearshef’s YK11 & RAD 140

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    Gonna keep this short for now. Started RAD and YK on the 5th, both at 20mg. Later on I’ll bump them to 40mg. I am on TRT. For those wondering I got them from instead of my usual guys (whitewater, venogen, As usual with me I capped it myself with geometric dilution method.

    Here are some notes below so far and I’ll take a picture or two tonight.

    (Eating in a deficit)

    -NON TRAINING DAYS 2750cal currently

    -TRAINING DAYS 3100cal currently


    Dec. 4 209.6lbs

    Dec. 5 started RADYK 20/20

    Dec. 7 started creatine again

    Dec. 8 208.2lbs

    Side note guys, with the China ban you may wanna order up somewhere if you haven’t. It’s likely to get ugly soon. On par with operations gear grinder and raw deal, if any of you remember that. Prices went stupid and 80% was just oil.

    Also I have done RAD and love it. First time with YK
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    Nice log. Starting creatine at the same time as these would add another variable in to possible results don’t you think
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    Yea, so those were just personal notes for myself that I copied and pasted. I’ve only been off it for about a week or so, I’m probably still saturated. I just noted it for sake of weight tracking. But your right I might gain a pound or two this week from it IDK.
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    Oooo ok
    o ok yea I don’t see that being a huge difference one week I thought you meant your starting creatine at the same time.