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  1. Good morning Meso rx. We are a new lab and will be opening up with a medium sized line of products and quickly expanding. We will open with the basics of course. Once established we will offer a host of high concentration oils, blends, and interesting drugs if the demand is present. As far as injectable steroids go we aim to offer nearly every single one of them. This will include DHB, Primo, Mast E, and possibly Trestolone. All injectable are prepared with high quality MCT or GSO oils as our carriers of choice. No products will ever contain eo. Also each and every vial will contain 11mls of oil. All orals are 30ml liquid solution.


    Our brewing process starts by sourcing quality raws. Each batch is 3rd party tested by our raw source, the results are sent to us before ordering. Once the raws touch down they are visually inspected and melt point tested in house with a digital hot plate and infrared thermometer, increasing heat very slowly to determine the melting point of the raws and compare them to the standard of each. A professional melt point apparatus is something we will invest in in the near future.


    Vials/Media Bottles:

    1. Wash with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with demineralized water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Rinse with distilled water then left to air dry

    5. Bake at 350° for 30min in a professional grade dry heat sterilization unit (pictures included below), foil covering openings

    Stoppers/receiver caps:

    1. Rinse in isopropanol alcohol for 30mins

    2. Rinse in distilled water then left to air dry

    3. Use for capping immediately following air dry process

    All mixing glassware:

    1. Wash vials with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with distilled water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Air dry

    Seripettor (Professional dispensing tool):

    1. Wash with antibacterial soap/tap water

    2. Rinse with distilled water

    3. Second rinse with isopropanol alcohol

    4. Air dry


    We filter everything with the following method:

    1. Using a peristaltic pump, unfiltered oil is filtered through a .45micron inline filter to Receiver Flask A.

    2. Peristaltic pump line is flushed with isopropyl alcohol, allowed to dry.

    3. .45micron-filtered oil from Receiver Flask A is pumped through .22micron inline filter to Receiver Flask B.

    4. Repeat Step 2.

    5. .22micron-filtered oil from Receiver Flask B is pumped through .22micron inline filter again to Receiver Flask C.

    6. Receiver Flask C is then ready for dispensing or stored in a dark, cool, non-ventilated space.

    Store Policies

    We will open without a minimum order. We will be offering $150 credit or $100 bitcoin credit to the first 15 people to post bloodwork on our gear. Subsequent bloodworks will be worth $50 credit.

    We are USA domestic only. Our goal is always same, or next day shipping. All orders with be dispatched within 48hrs at the very max. We use 1-3 day priority mail to ensure swift T/A. Shipping will be $10. Tracking numbers will not be given out citing security concerns. If your package is not delivered within our allotted timeframe then we encourage a follow up email, only at this time the tracking will be shared.

    Our email is Payment is through Bitcoin/Ethereum only. For payments submitted in Ethereum We will apply a 5% discount. Unfortunately under no circumstance will we accept any other method of payment.

    We strongly suggest setting up a secure email. Emails from gmail/hotmail/whatevermail will be ignored. We take security very seriously. All customer details will be destroyed once we've confirmed delivery.

    Our reship policy is very clear and strict. If the package is undeliverable due to an error on your part, you will pay full price for a reship. If there is an error on our part it will be 100% free of course. We advise you to triple check your address. We cannot be responsible for failed deliveries due to you not knowing your address. We do ask you provide a full name for shipping. Please format shipping info as such

    First name Last name

    Street address

    APT/STE # if applicable

    City, State

    Zip code

    Oil list

    Test E 200mg/ml - $30

    Test C 200mg/ml - $30

    Test P 75mg/ml - $20

    tren A 75mg/ml - $35

    Tren E 200mg/ml - $40

    Mast P 75mg/ml - $35

    Deca 200mg/ml - $30

    Eq 200mg/ml - $30

    NPP 1

    75mg/ml - $30

    Oral List

    arimidex 1mg x 30 - $25

    letrozole 2.5mg x 30 - $25

    nolvadex 20mg x30 - $15

    clomid 50mg x 30 - $25

    Prami .5mg x 30 - $25

    Dbol 10mg x 30 - $25

    Winny 10mg x 30 -$25

    Anadrol 50mg x 30 - $25

    Anavar 10mg x 30 - $30

    Proviron 10mg x 30 - $25

    Intro Promo

    All orders over 150$ before shipping will come with your choice of a free bottle of Prami, or arimidex. Please choose your free item in your original email

    When ordering we politely ask you get your Bitcoin ready and use the following order format or something similar to streamline the ordering process for both us and the customer

    4x item a

    3x item b

    Shipping 10$

    Total =

    Store Info


    T/A: 2-5 days

    Payment: Bitcoin/Ethereum

    Shipping: $10

    Please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns. I will also note that will always be the quickest way to reach me.

    Here is a small sample of our stock and other pictures I generally see requested:

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  2. More pics

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    That’s a long way of saying “our raws aren’t tested”.
  4. iGone

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    I don't see raw or finished testing, tits and the clock sure as shit doesn't say Friday.
    Gonna go ahead and guess if you're USA domestic only you ain't in Shanghai where it's barely Friday by 8 minutes.
  5. 2nd! ..edit..damn!

    So many things here..

    First thing I'll point out is you stating you'll offer DHB but will not be using EO in any of your products. While DHB can be made without it.. Guicacol is a much worse solvent than EO. If your worried about using EO because of filtering issues Guicacol is still going to degrade your filters too.

    Not unless you plan on making DHB at 20mg per mL?
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  6. WCL

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    Hey man... baby steps...

    He first has to save up for a big boy thermometer
  7. I also don't see any pube nets..

    Or pictures of filtering setups ...

    I'm not evening going to ask about a laminar flowhood at this point.
  8. Kim

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    hmmm interesting timing.
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  9. $BlackBeard

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    I'm sure I speak for others when I say a donation to AnabolicLab would be a nice gesture and a sign you are not looking to quickly run off with a few member's orders.
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  10. Kim

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    I like that idea given that we don't know what Pristine is up to yet on his thread.
  11. $BlackBeard

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    It's definitely not a source requirement but the gesture does add to the pro column of these shops. If it was up to me, I wouldn't engage with any source on these threads until they made a donation. Crickets until I see the banner under their name.
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  12. bolder

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    Pristine? Is that you? o_O :eek: :oops:
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  13. Iron_Yuppie

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    If this was Pristine he would never have been able to write such a long post. He’d get interrupted by an old outstanding warrant or his very hot girlfriend—you don’t know her, she goes to another school—would need some attention.
  14. Tiredandhot

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    That's sum odd injectable oil doses there.
  15. gunsrus

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  16. Kim

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    I feel if this lab does a donation to Anaboliclab that would be helpful, Pristine used a different carrier oil, had a different writing style, and said he would never use tutanota email... However you never know.
  17. puckhog

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    @Gemstone Pharma your timing here is horribly perfect. Do you know why that is?

    Save your $ and test your own raws. Compare your reports to the 3rd party reports from your chinaman. If you decide not to test your raws at least send in finished product for testing. Meso is different than it was a year ago. I am sure you have been following along with all of the recent meso domestic sources and their issues?

    An anabolic lab donation is pretty worthless these days for meso members. (Yea, I said it). I would rather you make a nice donation to a childrens charity, or a womens shelter. $500 is a good start. Don’t be stingy. Post a pic of your donation. You stand to make a shit ton of cash if you do this right. Meso is unlike any other board. Members here will make or break you. You can’t hide behind a wall of bullshit here.

    And get a protonmail addy.

    Something tells me you already know all about Meso though.

    Good luck.
  18. And some bitch dosed orals too.
    Anavar/Winstrol/Dbol all dosed at 10 mg?

    Suuuure, buddy. You should be charged and convicted of attempted rape.

    50 mg/day is 5 ml (out of 30 ml). That gets you a whopping 6 days out of each bottle.

    An 8 week run would require 10 bottles (9.3 bottles if you want to split hairs) and cost between $250-$300.

    Clever con you got going there. Nice to know that you take your potential customers for a bunch of idiots.
  19. Iron_Yuppie

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    Nice catch. I was so busy focusing on the fact that he doesn’t test his stuff that I didn’t even notice that one. But that’s a hell of a sales pitch. “Sure, our orals are untested, but at least they’re an order magnitude more expensive than our competitors!”
  20. bolder

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    With those doses @MisterSuperGod kindly pointed out, the prices are ridiculous.
    Maybe @Gemstone Pharma is a trt UGL?

    “At Gemstone we offer low doses at high prices for all you trt guys”

    what a fuckin joke! :rolleyes:
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