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    Obviously i wont be taking the hgh dose on the actual day of surgery, but would it be advisable to not take the doses prior to the surgery date, if so, how many days do you think and why?

    I will be undergoing an operation on my foot and will probably be under for 2 to 3 hours

    Ive searched for medications that could interact with general anesthetic, no concrete information regarding hgh so turning it over to people who may have experience or ideas
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    I ran it up until 2 days before surgery and began a few days after.

    I can tell you that some anesthesia can raise plasma hgh levels and increase blood glucose levels.

    What are you current BG levels while on a high dose of GH?

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    Thanks for the reply

    I just decided the day after making the post to stop, no need to risk any unnecessary complications

    Surgery is tomorrow

    Will resum hgh the day after
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