General Electric stock down almost 50%

Discussion in 'Men's Economics' started by master.on, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Samsung makes nicer shit. Newer companies in the appliance sector making newer more innovative designs.
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    Most GE revenue comes from financial services
    and airplane turbines, locomotives, industrial robots, industrial materials sell more than consumer appliances.
    General Electric - Wikipedia

    GE even owns Whatman!
    Country Selection - GE Healthcare Life Sciences
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    GE is fine. They are in the middle of a headquarter renovation and relocation in Boston, are redeveloping part of a neighborhood in Boston and have a 12 story addition to their headquarters slated to be built in a small handful of years.

    I believe the philanthropic efforts to be somewhere near 50 million. The construction efforts are somewhere around a quarter billion. This is all happening as the cities seaport district is exploding with residential and commercial properties developing at a high rate and the Wynn casino is being built maybe a mile or two down the road.

    GE is doing a ok and picked a perfect little city to call home. Glad they are here.
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    getting out of the lightbulb business is killing them
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    Did you mean incandescent bulbs,
    or "saver" screw on neon or LED?
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    I still stand behind my reasoning. Public perception is reality....the face of GE to the general public is washers, dryers and household shit if the public sees that that's losing ground......
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    A stock just doesnt get cut in half for no reason. Its all about the growth rate and the fact that it slowed rather sharply is why its down and will probably stay down unless drastic changes are made and GE can get better growth.
    Look at some other industrial stocks and how strong their charts are.. why invest in dead money.
    The biggest mistake investors make is buying a well know stock when its been in a strong downtrend. Buy stocks in an uptrend.
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    I know this was an old post , but I gotta disagree . I love out of favor companies as long as they have a low d/e ratio , and their valuations(p/e and p/b in particular) indicate that they're a good value in comparison to the sector and market . Obviously thats only a pre screen and much more goes into determining a companys actual value , but the point is there's some huge value out there people pass up chashing trends(which is an inherently risky strategy anyways) .

    If an out of favor large cap can pay its short term debt and management has a clear strategy for future growth , ill make that buy everyday of the week over an overvalued/risky stock even if it has more short term growth potential .
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