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  1. SpicyGains321

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    Gents - What is the most trusted & respected source you guys would recommend at the moment? Besides the obvious TGI and SP due to them being private sources.

    Being specific, I’ve recently been using TAS, PSL, and Sparta. All were good, based on feelz, but don’t have blood tests to prove anything. Honestly, I felt best on Sparta’s gear most recently. Thus, in order to pinpoint a go to, I’m coming to you guys for your help. Any and all anecdotes are appreciated.

    I’m asking here because I’ve come to realize your opinions mean the most out of all of the communities I’ve read.
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  2. mr_meanor

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    Get bloods. Fuck all these wanksters opinions. Besides labs are important not just for gear quality but also for general health when on the gear. Your just playing with you life, nothing major or anything.
  3. SpicyGains321

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    I do get bloods, every six months at least. I’m a TRT guy so it’s mandated by my doc. Just none so far that can pinpoint any of my most recent source’s gear. That’s why I’m coming to guys here that have a had tests to confirm their source’s gear..
  4. ickyrica

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    I recommend spoonfed labs. Quality shit.
  5. SpicyGains321

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    Thanks asshole. Super original.
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  6. SpicyGains321

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    I’m not asking to be spoonfed. I’m asking for opinions. Is that not what this forum is for? I’ve used my fair share of sources. I’m asking for opinions so I don’t fuck myself.
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  7. bambam333

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    The only way you’ll know or compare anything is bloods for every source with a baseline and within the same timeframes. And PSL is a scam I got proven shit bloods from them. No1 is going to give you they’re go to source that’s why there’s this board look through and read between the lines
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  8. SpicyGains321

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    Sweet, fair enough. That’s the kind of info I’m looking for. Just trying to save myself money if I can help it. Can you post the bloods to prove that? Otherwise your story is just anecdotal at best, which is what’s preached to anybody else here without evidence. Not saying PSL is legit, in fact I don’t really like them at all based on my CS experience with them.
  9. ickyrica

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  10. SpicyGains321

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    I couldn’t find it. Are you sure we’re talking about the same UGL? Puritysourcelabs?
  11. SpicyGains321

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    Never mind. See you pointing me to tested products in general. Thanks. But how do we know the places we buy from aren’t just counterfeiting the tested products tested on anabolic lab? I understand anybody can counterfeit anything, but respected sources generally won’t be fucking over potential returning customers. Also, what’s up with those blood tests you said you had?
  12. No joke, would order just because of the name lmao
  13. Brawny

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    Dude, just start reading and researching. You don’t know any of us, because we’re random people on the internet. Someone could say Venom, ARL, or some other shit show just joking for the lolz
  14. SpicyGains321

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    You’re definitely right. Just looking for opinions.

    I can read 20 pages back here and the only sources that seem legit are private sources. If I go other places, most of the places are paid off. That’s why I’m asking here, unbiased opinions. It’s easy enough to see through the BS of somebody random is trying to pull one over.
  15. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    MSG Labs is the best. Everyone knows that.

    Their rep @MisterSuperGod will hook you up. He’s the realest motherfucka there is!
  16. SpicyGains321

    SpicyGains321 Member

    Fuck it. Point taken. I’ll shut up lol
  17. bambam333

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    They’re posted in the thread I made I think it’s called confirming PSL is a scam I have them posted there with their replies. Sources are only good as their last batch just use the underground and use your judgement. Ime I don’t only use one so I couldn’t answer I always use a variety and try new ones and switch around. Many people tend to think there’s this holy grail source that people keep hidden we all use the same guys one or another
  18. SpicyGains321

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    Thank brother.
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  19. bambam333

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    I can tell you for sure that there is a handful here that are not private you just need to read alil more and anysource that pays and can pay to get your removed from the board when you call them out do you think that’s someone you want business with
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  20. kosp

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    I tried Hilma thanks to this forum (searching on google) and got a good deal. Blood work tested. Good luck.
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