Generic HGH + Homebrewing

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  1. rowells1

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    Hey guys been succesfully brewing for 7 years now and currently on generic hgh

    Cut cost and learn new tips and tricks

    Sources upon request
  2. Evom1

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    There's no question here

    What do you need to know?
  3. TRT

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    I PMd this dude. Probably charging for the info.
  4. rowells1

    rowells1 Junior Member

    Wow .. ppl so quick to judge
  5. bonacris

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    What the fuck are you actually saying? You made a statement and fucked off.
  6. rowells1

    rowells1 Junior Member

    Im simply saying lets see some pics to prove some gains how do i know im not talking to a bunch of sticks
  7. SuperSwede

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    I dont understand a shit of this thread. You sell sources or wtf is it.
  8. Gbro

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