Genesis Bolde 250 - HPLC/TAMC/TYMC - 2017-07 - SIMEC via

Discussion in 'Steroid Lab Testing' started by, Oct 22, 2017.

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  2. TruEnuff

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  3. 10 mg/ml, huh?

    Big deal, you just have to use a TINY bit more.
    You only need 25 ml to get to 250 mg.

    Should come with a 20 gauge needle attached to a turkey baster. :D
  4. MythotiK

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    Face palm
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  5. Steve84

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    Think Simec fucked this sample up? Used some oral tab instead dosed at 10MG?
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  6. TruEnuff

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    that deff could happen.. just hold off buying for these guys until we find out lol
  7. bickel29

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    This is so bizarre to me. I am guessing that they dosed it so low so that they basically could spread the raws out to make as much product as possible, while still having at least SOME hormone in there, for passing the colormetric tests like Labmax?
  8. Den84

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    I thought the same thing. they only put the odor of the molecule, so home tests (roid test or lab max) will yield positive results
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  9. Jayman2488

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    Agreed, on top of that alot of people don't run this shit long or high enough to really benefit from it let alone be in the right shape.

    With at least "some" hormone in it to tip these bs ass home tests off i can see them get away with this shit for a while

  10. heavylifter87

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    Damn !!!! What a pile of crap !
  11. Wunderpus

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    How many oral tabs of bold. undec. have you seen?
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  12. Sk8man101

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    Boom! Nail on the head.
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  13. stone988

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    Finally a fake batch of gear! Funny no one ever complained about this lab on here, they only cry about the bigger named labs. Plus who ever heard of this lab? Not me.
  14. Uplifting

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    Thats a shitty test result damn!!! I live in the EU and the Genesis I used about a year ago was really good. But mine were in the 10ml vials NOT the amps....dont think this guy carries the amps looks like just the vials.
  15. "This guy" as in @PRLreseller you mean?
    You're really riding that dick hard, aren't you?
    Ease up cowboy, you're gonna walk with a permanent limp at this rate.
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  16. DrinkFlintWater

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    Did he really post that in this thread?? Wtf...
  17. pharmasource

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    Hi. I know that like a source have no place here. But I have a lot to say to ,,Genesis,,
    Its a shit from my area. Here nobody use it, because all know who own this ,,factory,, and history of Genesis.
    Genesis is very well known like worst and underdosed gear for many years.
    This result is not a coincidence guys.
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  18. CJames

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    LMFAO, 10mg? Lame as fukk
  19. AnTabolic73

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    I wonder if it has some test in it as well.
  20. CdnGuy

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    Hmmmm ok.. now how do you tell a sorta bro at the gym this? His customer email product list...:confused: wow!