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    Hello members of Meso. I am a member of the Genetec team and I am here to offer our services to those wanting quality products from a reliable and professional operation. Genetec has been active since 2010 and we have many positive revues on various boards. We strive to produce the very best products and services and customer satisfaction is of great importance to us so from labels to flip tops to filtering and shipping we cut no corners.

    Production Process:

    All injectables are produced In an enclosed, sterile facility with grape seed oil being the carrier and ALL vials are carefully inspected after production and before labels are put on to ensure that the highest of quality standards are met. All products are made with the strictest of sterility procedures and practices.


    Orders are shipped via Canada express post and sent out 1-2 days after payment has been received with most orders being sent out first thing the next day with tracking numbers. All orders $250 or over receive free shipping.

    Minimum: There is currently no minimum order amount.


    Currently we are only accepting bitcoin and e-transfer as payment options, but we are looking into others methods such as paypal, money gram and CIM.


    Any comments or suggestions are encouraged as we do our very best to provide you with the best customer service and products.

    Proof of stock and product pictures below.

    New Products Added:

    Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (100mg/ml, 10ml) - $70
    Yohimbine (2.5mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $30
    Primobolan (10mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $60
    Evoke-129 (Geranium 25mg, albuterol 4mg, Caffeine 100mg) (129mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $40
    Albuterol (2.5mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $35 (Available May 1st, 2017)
    aromasin (12.5mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $35

    GENETEC - Injectable Solutions.

    Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (150mg/ml, 10ml) - $45
    Nandrolone Decanoate (300mg/ml, 10ml) - $50
    equipoise (Boldenone Undecylenate) (300mg/ml, 10ml) - $50
    trenbolone acetate (100mg/ml, 10ml) - $45
    Trenbolone Enanthate (200mg/ml, 10ml) - $65
    masteron Propionate (100mg/ml, 10ml) - $45
    Masteron Enanthate (200mg/ml, 10ml) - $65
    Primobolan Enanthate (100mg/ml, 10ml) - $75

    Tritren (Trenbolone Acetate 50mg, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 50mg, Trenbolone Enanthate 50mg) (150mg/ml, 10ml) - $75

    TNT (testosterone Enanthate 250mg, Trenbolone Enanthate 150mg) (400mg/ml, 10ml) - $80

    Testosterone Propionate (100mg/ml, 10ml) - $30
    Testosterone Cypionate (250mg/ml, 10ml) - $45
    Testosterone Enanthate (250mg/ml, 10ml) - $45

    Sustanon (Testosterone Propionate 30mg, Testosterone Phenylpropionate 60mg, Testosterone Isocaproate 60mg, Testosterone Decanoate 100mg) (250mg/ml, 10ml) - $45

    Testosterone 400 (Testosterone Cypionate 150mg, Testosterone Enanthate 150mg, Testosterone Undecanoate 100mg) (400mg/ml, 10ml) - $55

    NOTE: Tnt, Npp and Test-prop contain 5% EO

    GENETEC - Oral AAS Products

    Anadrol (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $60
    Anavar (10mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $60
    Anavar (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $125
    Dianabol (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $60
    Halotestin (10mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $50
    Proviron (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $55
    turinabol (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $120
    Winstrol (25mg/capsule, 100 capsules) - $60

    GENETEC - Male Enhancement

    cialis (25mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $50
    viagra (50mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $50

    GENETEC - Cycle Therapy

    nolvadex (20mg/capsules, 50 capsules) - $30
    clomid (50mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $30
    letrozole (2.5mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $30
    arimidex (1mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $30
    Mirapex (Pramipexole) (1mg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $30

    GENETEC – Metabolic Stimulators

    clenbuterol HCL (100mcg/ml, 30ml) - $45
    t3/cytomel (100mcg/tablet, 50 tablets) - $35

    GENETEC – Growth Hormone Secretagogue

    MK-677 (Ibutamoren) (12.5mg/capsule, 60 capsules) - $60

    Human Growth Hormone

    PowerLabs HGH Jintropin 100iu - $225

    Other Info:

    - The first 3 customers from Meso will each receive 1 free test-cyp250 or test-e250

    - Blood work, those who post legitimate blood work will be given $100 in store credit

    Contact Information: for all order inquiries

    Thank you, GP team.
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    Few more product pictures.

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    You guys just made a new account after getting banned hey?
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    I just did a quick search to see what you are referring to and I have absolutely nothing to do with any previous posts regarding Genetec here on Meso. I work directly with/for the owner of Genetec Pharmaceuticals and I will only ever operate In a respectable manner. I do not blame you for your skepticism though.

    Thank you.
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    I have run a few products from the list and all were gtg. Injects only as I don't really run orals except the occasional Var; smooth and no PIP @ 2cc/pin of my blend de jour.

    Shipping was lightning fast. I get shipped to my work and thankfully the guy in receiving also runs gear so he stashes my packages until I get in. He gets in on my orders but he hasn't run his gear from this lab yet so I can't get his feedback yet.

    Also, I have experience with this particular rep in a personal training capacity and he's a solid guy.

    I am not a shill and I get nothing for a good review. Just thought it would help to share a good experience with this lab for others.
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    Have heard these guys mentioned on Meso before - can't remember by whom, but I recall favorable reviews. Guess we'll wait and see...
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    I too have heard favourable reviews of Genetec products. Nice to see an accessible source.
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    Product list additions

    New Products Added!
    MENT (Trestolone Acetate) (50mg/ml, 10ml) - $70
    Evista (30mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $45
    Accutane (20mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $45
    Aldactone (25mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $40
    MediStar hcg 5000iu - $60

    Product Update:
    Evoke – After careful analysis we have decided to change the total contents to 50 capsules, instead off the 100. We underestimated the potency of this product, thus we changed the total but we also reduced the price by $10. New version of Evoke from June 21st on is:
    Evoke (Geranium 25mg, albuterol 4mg, Caffeine 100mg) (129mg/capsule, 50 capsules) - $40

    Thank you.
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    Favorable reviews or PMing members asking to shill shit they havent even ran? Hmmmm
  10. DrinkFlintWater

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    Nice 1st fucking nailed that one OP:rolleyes:
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    As I stated earlier that was not my doing and the only posts I have anything to do with are the ones I make myself. I know full well that having a bunch of first posters making positive reviews looks extremely bad so it's not something I would do as it would just end up generating negative comments so I look forward to having some established members using my services and there is still a few bottles of test up for grabs for those who do so.

    Thank you.
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    At the end of the day everyone can make their own choices. If you don't like the lab you don't have to order from them.
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    So its just an absolute coincidence that these people received PMs from genetec and now a week or so later here you are? Make sure you answer this question very directly so I can quote you later.
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    Your only two posts on this forum are quoted right here. Your opinion and reviews mean absolutely nothing. You are an account set up to provide false reassurance to the members of the public, most likely a friend of the genetec rep.
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    You have already been shown to be untrustworthy by soliciting members via PM and having someone make an account to shill for you.
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    Wondered when @Apexvallen was going to get in on this... I remember seeing you on previous Genetec posts ;)
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    I made it my mission to make sure when genetec turned up (and I knew they would) I would put them under intense scrutiny. There's nowhere to hide from me.
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    A la CdnGuy.. love it! Keep it goin brah, got my popcorn :D
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    Why are you lying about your previous handle? Screenshot_2017-06-22-20-54-46.png
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