Genetic fat ass, diet for life or except you are going to be a bit pudgy and get huge?

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    I see many threads where the community suguest getting down to 10% or less body fat before running a cycle. My personal belief is this advice is from people that don’t hold fat and have good fat loss genetics. Personally I would have to get well below 10% to loose my love handles and I stall out at 12%. To go lower I have to starve myself and loose lots of muscle. Again genetics. I run lean everywhere but my mid section. Veins in my legs, arms, shoulders popping out everywhere but still fat around the mid section. To loose it I loose everything else.

    I am thinking about this long term and applying some reality to the wants most in my position have. I would love to see my abs but once I get there how long will I be able to hold onto that look without getting fat again. The answer is a life long diet where I am hungry as fuck forever.

    I look at it like this. How much and where you store fat is genetic. Some people hold more fat than others. So, Unless I am willing to run a caloric deficit for ever I will only put on the fat again correct?

    So let’s ger real for a min. What is the likelihood I will be able to maintain a strict enough diet for the rest of my life to stay below 12% body fat? No chance at all! So now that I have admitted the reality of the situation let’s look at weather loosing a bunch of fat before running a cycle is a good idea?

    The common line of thought is to get lean before running a cycle. Now if you naturally run lean then this is a great idea. If you are like me this can cause a rebound once I go on cycle and I put on water and fat really fast even with a clean diet. Again genetics.

    My question is what do you think. Should fat people fight there genetics in a battle no one will win long term or except I am a bit fat and simply get big?
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    strong cope, fatty

    Just kidding. Plenty of power lifters use gear. Clearly they are nowhere close to 10%.
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    Cut hard with test+tren+Anavar for 4 weeks. You will definitely lose 10 pounds and be closer to 10% bf. Take 4 weeks off then bulk. This is assuming your on TRT already.
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    No not on trt.
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    Stay at your maintenance calories and increase your work load. Add in weighted carries or sled work. You just have to work harder if you want to lose it without starving.
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    Imo I honestly think the whole 10% thing just started as a way to keep little chubby outta shape newbs from jumping on gear with zero foundation , thinking gear is going to be the game changer for them . Then somewhere along the way it just became another arbitrary saying people like to throw around on the boards because its been repeated so many times .

    The fact of the matter is 90% of the guys on this board(most boards actually) arent even close to 10% bf or less !!! Most guys are 13-19% bf , some with a hint of abs in good lighting , so they get all delusional and say they are 10% bf lmao ... 10% is fucking lean , much leaner than guys realize !

    If you train hard and have been for awhile , have a solid foundation and the knowledge to eat train and cycle properly and safely, then fire away and do what you want . But , if you havent paid your dues , learned to train and eat and make gains as a natty . Well in the case you have no business touching gear , but its not really so much a matter of bf% ... its just pointless arbitrary number , and most guys parroting that bs dont even understand why they're saying it .
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    *turns on outside light, runs inside and stands sideways, sucking in my gut and poking my chest out
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    Thats Instagram fitness model 101 stuff right there :D ...then just take a selfie and slap a filter on it and instantly go from 15% to 10% bf lol ...
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    Dude upping the contrast is so easy and makes a huge difference, legit haha.
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    Up until the age of 16 I was full on ectomorph then I discovered pub life and have been carrying extra weight ever since. As of now I'm slowly dropping the carbs. No point in spending all those hours in the gym if I never cut enough to see the results.

  11. Liposuction...get rid of the localized fat cells permanently.
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    I have seen cool sculpting have good results if the person is eating clean. But I would rather not go this rout.
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    I would like to see abs once in my life :) Just to know they exist.
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  14. Not everyone will. And it’s probably should be a last resort. Also, from what I gater, it’s for “sculpting” so that implies one would have already done what they could, as opposed to trying rid fat. Because it’s local areas not the fat loss results we get form dieting, which covers the entire body inside and out.