Geneza Gear legit?

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by tennant07, Feb 11, 2011.

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    tennant07 Junior Member

    Just wondering if anyone has tried Geneza Gear and if so what you think about it. I have found a place to get it, but i have heard it is not that great of stuff. And if yall dont think it is good, what would be a better brand to go with. Just so yall dont think im some Dbag postin on here i have been lifting weight for a bout 4 years now and i have taken my body about as big naturally as it will go. My diet is great and i bust my ass in the gym. Thanks for all the input......[/B]
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    porky little keg

    porky little keg Junior Member

    4 years isn't near most peoples potential.... but that's not what you asked.

    I've had limited exposure to different brands ( 3 total ) but out of the three I tried I like Geneza the best. Other than some Cyp 250 that crashed it has been good. Tried the deca, cyp, sust, and dbol..... all have been fine. Never tested them to see, as I've heard they are under dosed, but they seem at least comparable if not better than the other brands I've seen.
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    tennant07 Junior Member

    Ok cool. yea i have taken my body from about 145 to a solid 195 now over the past four years. I have plateau before and have obviously pushed through, but over the last few months results have seemed to come to a screeching hault. so i have begun to think about try some AS now.
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    juice69 Junior Member

    no ugl is going to be always accurately dosed or whatever. I liked GP though, i tried another ugl before and it was way under dosed.
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    tank2005 Junior Member

    this is why i only brew my own ,noway can any ugl be trusted,you just dont know what your geting.
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    juice69 Junior Member

    well not all of us have a legit powder source! lol i would love to go that route.
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    tank2005 Junior Member

    yes its by far the better way to go ,ugl are snakes imo ,i have seen lab test on what was susposed to be deca and it turned out to be eq ,big price differance when it comes to raws on these two....
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    Thrash Browns

    Thrash Browns Junior Member

    GP is g2g. Check out OLM for more feedback.
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    BarbellBeast Junior Member

    OLM like many/most/all sponsored forums are biased towards their sponsors so you're not getting an accurate picture reading through the threads.
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    biggerandbetter Junior Member

    i dont know why these ppl like GP but everything on their line is wayy underdosed and maybe not even real especially the injectables, from my expirence sciroxx is alot better quality. your probably about to buy online which most likely isnt a legit site in the first place..
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    tennant07 Junior Member

    not familiar with OLM.....sorry new to the whole forum thing ?
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    tennant07 Junior Member

    I have not heard of sciroxx....i will have to look into that
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    Thrash Browns

    Thrash Browns Junior Member

    I definately agree with this, to a point....Of course they will be biased as to which gear is the "BEST", but if their gear is shitty, why would they lie to protect the rep of someone who gave them bunk shit? I personally liked axio, but GP wasn't a bad replacement. I hear Dragon Pharma is where it's at right now...
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    beefy93268 Junior Member

    i just received an order from Geneza. i had it in hand with in 3 weeeks.. dont know the quality yet to see!!!!
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Your best bet for European UGL is GP for orals and Scirrox for injectables. The best thing to do is find a UGL stateside that you can trust. It's very tough to do but there are a few out there that when you try the product at the same dose you've tried another product at before it makes you go "damn, this stuff is overdosed"....when really it's dosed correctly and everything else you've ever had is underdosed. This becomes increasingly dangerous when guys don't see much results so they up their dose several hundred mg per week. Then they may see some results so they think they need to up it even more next time. If they get quality gear they are in big trouble because they could potentially be dosing it at up to twice the amount they are used to. When that happens, look out for some BAD sides.
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    IWANTORAL(S) Junior Member

    Geneza orals are definately g2g... i have read some saying the injects mite be underdosed, but some say it is great.. imo geneza is the best ugl right now i have just placed an order and am very excited
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    A-bombman Member

    im on week 4 almost they seem ok quality wise,. but for the cheap ass price you get i think they're great
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    soinkid85 Junior Member

    i have run GP Sus250, Deca, NPP, anadrol, Winstrol, and clomid over the last year and a half...I love it. As far as ugls go pure performance is the one to look for, best ive seen next to silver. But I recieved great benefits off of GP Id back it 1000%, that is if youre getting the real stuff anyhow. I wish i could still get it but I moved from my previous home and lost contact with my boy back there...So Im looking for better now

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