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Does Geneza Pharmaceuticals carry clean, uncontaminated AAS.

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  1. Hello everyone.
    im wondering if anyone has had any personal experience with the company called, ''Geneza Pharmaceuticals'' because in another thread i posted that i am going to be drug tested for probation and if AAS oral/injectable would make me fail. (including cycle support)

    i got a lot of professional feedback and someone mentioned to be careful with underground labs because it could have something in there that can potentially make me fail, so if any one on here has had any experience with this underground lab and their products that they offer, would you say that i would be safe using these products and what they offer is clean & solid oral/injectable AAS.?

    also i would like to say thank you ahead of time for taking the time out of what you were doing to reply to this post.

    sincerely, YOUNGBLOOD777 :)
  2. Ozzy619

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    You do realize that youre most likely going to get flammed for this thread right, I mean since there are so many other Geneza threads on this forum alone. And on every single thread youre going to get the same exact answers. The info is out there for free, just click and read and then read some more. I seen you posted on another geneza thread right before I bumped this, and that thread had useful info. Hold up for a sec and let me go find my silver spoon, Ill be right back with an answer.
  3. Ozzy619 i feel like my question isn't like anyone else's because i actually had a good first experience using Geneza like for my first AAS cycle some guy from my local rec center said i should go on naps and order some test E and i came across Geneza and they seemed very clean and professional, so i got their test E and ran a cycle and had some good results (prior to this cycle ive never ran AAS before) i went from 130 to 152LBS from just a test only cycle.
    my main concern is im about to be on probation and am going to get drug tested and a fellow member mentioned to me that Geneza was not a pharmaceutical company but was a UG lab but i gave a link to their website and it looked really clean and professional but i was told that they are not a pharmaceutical company but the fellow member told me not to go with a UG lab because it could have something in them to make me fail, since i guess the raws come from china (correct me if im wrong)
    so i was wondering if it would be safe to take Geneza while on probation and if their orals or injectables would make me fail a piss test which im assuming will be a 5 panel but i will keep everyone posted on that.
  4. Mr. Deltoid

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    As far a genza goes I would not buy anything from them. There products are hit or miss. I bought some test c. from them last July that shit was garbage , it had some hormone in it and as it was brewed with mct it lit up the labmax tests like a lavalamp however it was extremely underdosed. I've been running gear for 11 or 12 years and know what I can expect from test. I ran through a bottle of Watson from the pharmacy than started the gp test by the 3rd week all test sides were gone sex dreams, morning wood , aggressive behavior aggression in the gym , strength everything you'd expect from test. Once the gp was empty I started another Watson bottle I got from my friend who's on try and gets them from wal-mart pharmacy 2weeks in all the sides come back freaky sex dreams, morning wood , aggression and aggressive in the gym with strength gains. Now the gp glows stronger than the Watson in the labmax tests because they use mct oil. I think you could brew oil @ 10 mg/ a ml in mct oil and it would still glow.

    As far as you probation goes I don't think their are going to test you for that it's to expensive.I ran gear through 2yrs of probation and my officer hated me, my x called and told her I was juicing and she brought in her supervisor to get permission to test me and said to him "look at this guy you think this is natural? He's on steroids his girlfriend called and told me!" Then they asked me to wait outside and I heard him say do you know what those tests cost? Couldn't here anything else but when she brought me back in she tried to run game on me saying they're ordering the tests which never came 6months later I finnished probation without any mention of it again.
  5. Harry

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    It's simple...
    If you're worried about failing a drug test then don't do drugs...
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  6. Volley_Fire

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    I think it's fairly unlikely that there are any drugs (opiates, THC, amphetamines, etc.) in Geneza's gear, but I suppose there's always the chance. The safest route would be to wait till you're off probation to cycle.
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    A lot of people are gonna going to write you off as a joke cause you hopped on gear at 130lbs. If you were a dwarf at 4ft ok but 130lbs?
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    Bro, up from 130 to 152 at 23yo? How long have you been working out? What are your other stats? How's your diet? Seems to me like you have a lot more natural growing to do before you hop on another cycle. Start with a New Member Introduction, then look through the Nutrition forum for advice. My guess is your diet needs some help before your hormones do. UNLESS you're abnormally short like @bigpoppachump mentioned...
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  9. Every body wants gains but no body wants to put in the work for them
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    My first cycle was with Geneza Test prop. I didn't have anything to compare it to, but it worked wonders for me. However, my second cycle I used Alpha Pharma Test Cyp and I do have to say, I don't think I would change pharmacies. From what I've read, most GP reviews say its crap. I intend on doing a prop cycle again but with a diff pharmacy, then I'd really be able to tell the difference. I don't think it's fair to compare cyp with prop from 2 different companies. But all in all, just search around. I'd say majority of people call it crap.
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    Test is test. Compare away- concentration levels from ester weight differences are negligible effect-wise.
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  12. naps

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    Reminds me of Natural Geographic series of Brain Games when a group of people could convince someone to see a snake in a tree.

    You had amazing results, still the the "majority of people" convinced you that you had not.

    Check this meso member, he was on 100mg Geneza test prop EOD. These are his bloodwork results:


    testosterone, total - 3291
    Free testosterone - 1094

    Always do bloodwork when running test products, especially if you are trying a new lab. Do not listen to jackals. Form your own opinion basing on real facts and listen to your own body.
  13. Ozzy619

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    Youre rightn your question is like alot others, just dont know why you didnt research on all of the other geneza threads. They only drug test for certain drugs on probation, I dont see anyway you can test positive from aas. I know what thread youre talking about and Brutus said you can get a false positive from clen I believe? So why ask a question you already have the answer to, because you didnt like it the first time you heard it? So stay away from weight loss drugs, you dont need them anyways at a buck 50.
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  14. xgunx

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    Why would anyone cut a drug with one that is more expensive? You wont fail, but if you are worried dont do it.
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  15. JackC4

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    My last cycle I went from 98lbs to a solid 107lbs. Lean mass I kept after pct, and my balls finally dropped as well.

    Thanks NAPS !!!!!
  16. Gunz561

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    I said my results were great. Where did I say others convinced me they were not? I simply said I had no other test prop to compare it to, and the general consensus of gp is that they are not good. Proof reading is a great thing ;)
  17. xgunx

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    @naps ive seen hundreds of reviews saying you guys have good stuff. I have also seen an equal amount of reviews where paks were never recieved even months down the road.
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  18. The only reason probation would test you for AAS, is if you were caught with some. In that case they would do monthly blood tests on you, while on probation. But they wouldn't do it for that long, usually its only 3 months. The testing is to expensive for LE to run for long periods of time.
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  19. dd
    i understand where your coming from but to be honest i do like to hear more then just one opinion to like re assure myself