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    Genghis Pharm

    I am a US domestic source that has been in the business for 5+ years. I am here to offer consistently high quality products at a competitive price. I value security (and my freedom) above all other aspects of the business and will value your security to the same degree. New products will be added slowly and when appropriate. I prefer a limited product line with high quality and consistency over spreading the business thin, overselling, and sacrificing quality. I will not be taking backorders. I will occasionally place holds on new orders in the case that T/A increases and will take vacation time in between restocking periods. Packs will be dropped off roughly 3x a week and tracking numbers will be withheld in order to maximize OPSEC. Emails will be checked in the evenings.

    The Process
    All glassware is washed with alconox, rinsed thoroughly, and sterilized with a dry heat sterilizer. Oils are filtered twice through .2 micron filters. I use minimum amounts of solvent required for health benefits (e.g. the testosterone enanthate contains no benzyl benzoate). My products contain labels with batch numbers and are inspected thoroughly before being shipped. All emails and order information are burned upon arrival of your order. Raw purity has been tested by our provider and verified with labmax, melting point, bloodwork, and anecdotal evidence. Third party LC-MS testing is currently in progress and I will update this page upon receiving results with corresponding batch numbers.

    Further Information
    I will keep all product updates, status updates, and future test results in pastebin links which will be edited. This reduces the confusion on the status of the lab since meso posts, to my knowledge, are permanent.

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    What the FUCK!?? o_O

    In the business for 5 years?
    Prove it!

    You have no stock pics, materials pics, lab pics... you have ZERO PICS!!

    Prove your products have been tested!

    Lastly, for now, you have very little variety.

    How the fuck you been around 5 fuckin years with 4 injectables oils!?
    Your lazy attempt to come here and prove yourself is laughable.

    Leave now because you coming in like a joke just proves that’s exactly what you are! o_O

    Jesus! Where the fuck are all these idiots coming from!??? :rolleyes:
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    I don't have the energy anymore. It's one right after the stock pics, no lab. What the fuck is so hard about following protocol?
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    One more thing! I forgot to mention tit and ass pics!
    At least show us some entertainment since you clearly suck at this!
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    IKR! It’s starting to piss me off! :mad:

    Pray for me @Cityofgrit so I don’t loose my shit. I’m usually really calm and nice and welcome these new sources in with open arms! :rolleyes:
    I’m just lookin for love in all the wrong places... :oops:
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    Wow this has dude brewing in his kitchen written all over it lol. 4 oils and 4 orals? The typical home brewer could make a better list that that bro I mean shit at least save up and get a basic list before you come here and make an ass of yourself.
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    But he's all about quality over quantity :rolleyes:
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    You’re trolling us right? This is just a joke man has to be. Not going to lie with all the shitty home brew labs that pop up and fail terribly I thought about making a spoof thread before posing as a source saying off the wall shit. I think you could have done better though but it was somewhat entertaining
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    I would prefer to post as minimal of evidence as possible. The amount of detail I've seen in other lab's photos surprises me. Nevertheless, here are a few pictures to cover the basics.

    Product: d9x2tcm3.jpg
    Sterilizer: 59s6heds.jpg
    testosterone Raw: 398jjn0p.jpg

    As far as stock – within the past year I have lowered my volume to focus on other things and have been supplying only two larger customers. I focused my stock on the most popular products which, locally, are short ester since these are old–school customers. Generic nolvadex, aromasin, letrozole, and cialis will be added very soon. Long esters will be added in the following update following.

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    Evidence?! What is this a court case!?:eek:

    You sir are fired! o_O
    Thanks for applying but we are full of shit sources and lame excuses!

    If you expect me to click on anything you link you are outta your fuckin mind!
    Amateurs! :rolleyes:
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    Worse then nick cannons diss tracks.
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    Nobody click those links please. Your info is done for, if you do. You will be hacked.
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    I cant believe how weak these efforts are. Why would you come here with nothing done up front. Testing, pics With meso and crumpled paper, and info of your knowledge. Thats all you need to start booming with sales. Its not hard.

    just saying a brewing process and posting prices is pathetic. If you cant do a simple research how to promote yourself. Your brewing and practice effort must be equivalently pathetic.
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    Please understand, they spend so much time perfecting the actual brewing process that they don't have time for frivolous things like testing and pictures.
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    Filler: Baking Soda?
    Around here it's cocaine or nothing!!!!
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    If you're not using cialis to cut your orals are you really even trying at life??
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  18. This sounds like PRISTINE Rebranding!!! Why not just come out with your full list @Trenity ?
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    You may be onto something there.
  20. BigBaldBeardGuy

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    Not at all. Prissy used protein powder for his caps.

    Prissy will be back but not a week later!