Genotropin and Saizen -- From Apotheka Pharma

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  1. picholas

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    Took the plunge for the Genotropin when he dropped it to $75 and he sent a free Saizen.

    Here are pictures. Legit or no?

    Genotropin1 - Copy.jpg Genotropin2 - Copy.jpg
    Saizen1 - Copy.jpg Saizen2 - Copy.jpg
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  2. Gaynz39

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  3. janoshik

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    You can't really tell by the pictures.

    Two hours ago I had a fake Saizen and original Saizen on my table and I was not able to determine any notable visual difference between the two.
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  4. picholas

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    If there was some noticeable way to tell they were fake I would forgo the IGF testing, if there's no way of discerning then I'll move forward with it.

    At least the codes match up.
  5. Seattle23

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    Op i notice the box expire date only has the end date not the start date. Pretty sure it should have the start and finish dates on the box as the same as on the pen. Found this on YouTube has a few other things to look for.

  6. picholas

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    Yeah I noticed that too, but the pen begins at 0.3 like it should and the top is cheaply made nor is the logo messed up so wondering if that's just because it's from Turkey.
  7. Seattle23

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    Those Turks are a shady bunch, just saying haha Best to have it tested (not IGF), before this reseller tries to cash in on board members.
    Good luck
  8. MuyPicante

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    There is an app...i cant remember what its called for the Geno pens...try searching for it but it can tell you if its legit...if the geno smells real strong like medicine thats one good sign almost like insulin.

    get bloodwork on it...hopefully its good!
    oh btw way that video is bullshit ive had legit pens that start at 1
  9. Rick Kane

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    I don't know about the Geno pens but the saizens look legit. One thing I noticed about mine was after I rotated the cartridge to reconstitute there is a very strong odor of what I can best describe as what a bandaid smells like.
  10. bob hughes

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    There’s an app that verifies any Turkish pharmaceutical product I don’t know the name of it but you could probably find it searching on this site
  11. picholas

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    ilac takip sistemini indir

    Mobile application to check all Turkish pharmaceuticals. They DID NOT check out.

    Feel free to check the Genotropin code above but manually entering in the queue to see for yourself.
  12. 24hreup-rep

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    They are deff real I just checked them out myself mate for the Pfizer Genotropin. The Saizen pen should have the sticker on the side of the box and also when you peel the clear sticker on the side it should leave a "Honey comb" inprint with a slight chameleon shade on the box.

    Hope all is well.

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  13. picholas

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    Every time I enter I'm getting this message:

    uzgunuz, ilac bilgileri alinirken bir hata olustu. lütfen tekrar deneyiniz


    Sorry, there was an error in retrieving medication information. please try again
  14. ebkallday

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    I am looking through his list. Interesting that most of his name brand products happen to me the ones most commonly immitated to the exact detail. Bloods bro. Im thinning about th Iranian Amps. Been 10 years since I had them, they were clean and potent. I may snag a few and run my next trt bloods drawn.
  15. Joe Zanni

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  16. bob hughes

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    I don’t think that’s the app I was referring to. The one I’m talking about I believe has a three letter name, like SPC or something like that. So it could be the app you’re using? Maybe try running a known genuine Turkish pharmaceutical product through your app, even if you just look something up on Google images, just to verify that the app works like it’s supposed to
  17. bob hughes

    bob hughes Member Supporter

    Never mind, it’s the same one. It goes by “ITS” as well as by its full name