Genotropin Pricing - pharmacy vs. street

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  1. Drraaat

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    (1) Genotropin 12mg Cartridge
    Vendor (Pricing): Goodrx pricing
    - Rite aid ($1063)
    - Kmart ($1063)
    - Kroger’s ($1063)
    - Street,internet ($75-$390)

    How is it possible that "street vendors" can sell cartridges at such a discount?

    I can only assume 3 things
    1.They are fake cartridges/they are refilling used cartridges
    2.Cartridges were stolen internally or out of trash can etc.
    3.Pharmacies have a ridiculous margin.

    Can someone school me on this?

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  2. tengtren

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    Option 3
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  3. Cdnlurker

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    Fakes or getting them from next to nothing from aids patients
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  4. Eman

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    I've never seen a Geno pen for $75...
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  5. Drraaat

    Drraaat Junior Member

    U couldn’t find a large enough supply from patients. Eventually your prices would be rediculous too because "supply doesn’t meet the demand"

    I want to believe option 3 but it doesn’t make sense.

    I don’t want to hurt vendors here but there are things that come in powder form that mix with water with similar side effects as hgh.

    The way I see it, Pharmacy grade is the only way....
    The problem then becomes finding a real supply at less then $10/iu when pharmacies are charging over $30/iu
  6. Drraaat

    Drraaat Junior Member

    Lmao, I saw this shit recently on meso. He claimed it was to establish his co.
  7. Eman

    Eman Member

    That's not true actually. Not only do sellers buy from patients and sell to end users but sellers buy from patients and sell in large quantities to other dealers to distribute.
  8. valuum

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    there's a well known member of meso that did fed time for a big ass scam involving buying large amounts of serostim from HIV patients. Dude has an amazing story, wish I could go into details. As Eman said it's not crazy to imagine having a pretty big supply. The gay community is pretty tight, and the HIV positive community is probably even tighter, they all know each other. A gay dude with HIV and a meth habit willing to trade a kit for $200 worth of meth probably knows ten other people willing to do the exact same thing.

    Isn't Serostim a really high IU per day script too?
  9. Goingstronger

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    I get my 36iu at 200USD from Turkey, completely legit and tested
  10. The pharmacies are billing your insurance for the cost.
    They got deep pockets. God bless America.
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  11. Joe Zanni

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    It’s the pharmacies ripping off the USA costumer base along with insurance I hv relatives in another country and tells me the difference in meds we are inflated by 2-300 % taking advantage of us..this is similar to going to a dr appointment the dr will charge insurance let’s say $350.00 if u were to pay cash $150.00: they are all taking advantage of our insurance benefits..
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  12. Serono

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    Yes, it is typically 504iu a month(4 x 126 kits).

    It is available for less than half that $10/iu figure. I mean check my thread in the UG.... Like mentioned above, this is possible because what the pharmacy is charging is irrelevant as govt assistance and/or insurance is paying for these scripts.

    That is why I can't see why anyone in their right mind would be gambling with Turkish GH when we have USA pharma gh so readily available here, for roughly similar retail pricing. Baffles me. Pharma GH is about the one good thing we have going for us here in the US in regards to
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  13. Dax

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    This is the Simple explanation:
    Momma always said:
    And I quote, If it's to good to be true it probably is.
  14. rpbb

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    Because pharmaceutical drugs like hgh are cheaper everywhere else in the world. Part of our shitty health care system
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  15. Yosyrj

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    They don’t prescribe hgh for hiv patients anymore, there’s barely patience with aids since now most hiv patients are undetectable with the virus which means they don’t pass the virus to anyone cuz the pill make it impossible, back in the day they used to prescribe for muscle wasting, I know many people where I live and I had asked and they buy the hgh just like us, the gay community is into bodybuilding and they can’t get hgh at all, that was the past
  16. valuum

    valuum Member

    what a time it must have been to be gay. get HIV too late for it to be an instant death sentence,too early for proper anti viral treatment... just in time for a phat serostim script paid for by the gubbment
  17. rpbb

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    Weren't you the one getting free room and board from the government for awhile
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  18. Mayne

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    Between $240 and $300 per 36 IU in a pharmacy where I am living
  19. Drraaat

    Drraaat Junior Member

    I didn’t find fda approval for genotropin aids treatment. But serostim is definitely fda approved for weight loss in aid patients. Also I found multiple articles with doctors running multi-million dollar schemes selling. Thanks for the sero heads up!
  20. Jay.lee

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    hi mate im looking for a decent generic hgh do you know a good source you could point me too please ?
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