Gep, Primus Ray, Alley busted in Greece

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    Hey brother, can you sum this up in English, I can't read it.
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    Daaaaamn, that was huge. Expect certain sources from Greece and Portugal (you know who) to disappear.
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    Yup heard all about it......ALLEY is made in Belgium though.
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    Hahahaha ! In your opinion they write in the package the real position of the factory? In belgium is illegal to make hgh not for medical use. Primus should be in Singapore but in reality was in greece!
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    What the fuck are you doing outside of your thread?

    @Millard Baker
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    Wowwwwww, over 10 MILLION € worth of product seized. + another 344,000€ in cash. PR had a great run in Europe! Kind of sad to see them go.
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    Yeah use Google translate

    [Greece] Transnational criminal organization was restructured ... its members manufactured, trafficked and had anabolic substances in Greece and abroad

    Statements by the Director of the Financial Police Directorate, Lieutenant Andreas Apostolopoulos and the Press Officer of the Hellenic Police Force, Police Deputy Chief Theodoros Chronopoulos, on the case of dismantling a transnational criminal organization, whose members were producing, handling and dispensing anabolic substances in Greece and abroad

    Chief of the Financial Police Directorate:

    For this case, a large-scale police operation took place in Attica, a total of (16) persons, namely (15) 23-63-year-olds and a 26-year-old foreign national of Russia, including the leading member organization.

    For the dismantling of the criminal organization, a thorough police investigation was carried out by specialized police stations of the Financial Police Directorate.

    determined that the criminal organization consisted of (2) kernels - subgroups. The members of the first nucleus were responsible for the trafficking and trafficking of illicit substances, while members of the B were prepared and stored.

    It is also noteworthy that the criminal organization in order to ensure its illegal activity has set up in areas of Attica, (2) illicit workshops - manufacturing facilities, storage space and specially designed space as a printing house, while the scope of its illegal activity is located in many countries abroad.

    In the framework of the operation, investigations were carried out with the help of the National Medicines Agency's staff, including, among others, found and seized:

    over 2,000,000. pieces of illicit substances and preparations,
    mechanical equipment suitable for the manufacture of substances and printing equipment, as well as a number of documents, stamps and
    the amount of EUR 344 600.
    It is estimated that the total value of confiscated anabolic drugs exceeds 10,000,000 euros, while the damage to the Greek state from tax evasion will exceed 3,000,000.

    I want to congratulate the staff of the Financial Police Directorate and the Services that have worked with us and helped us in this important dislocation.

    Police Spokeswoman:

    "As the Director of the Financial Police Directorate said, we managed, after many months of research and proper use of data, to dismantle a transnational criminal organization whose members were active in the manufacture, handling and distribution of anabolic substances in Greece and abroad.

    In addition, they were also involved in the trafficking and marketing of illicit pharmaceuticals, which are used to treat the side effects of anabolics.

    According to the National Medicines Agency, the above preparations are dangerous to public health because the conditions and conditions for their production and storage have not been met, and on the basis of the infrastructure evaluation and the volume of the products found, large-scale criminal network.

    For the case, a total of sixteen (16) people, in particular fifteen (15), aged 23 to 63, and a 26-year-old Russian, including the head of the organization, were arrested in various areas of Attica.

    At the expense of these, there was a case-file of malicious nature for the offenses of establishing, integrating and directing a criminal organization, as well as offenses concerning legislation on amateur and professional sport, food fraud, prevention and repression of money laundering activity and tax legislation.

    From the thorough police investigation conducted by the Financial Police Directorate, it was verified that the criminal organization was active at least from 2013, with a hierarchical structure, distinct roles and ongoing action, in order to obtain an illegal property benefit.

    More specifically, the criminal organization consisted of two cores - subgroups. The first nucleus was primarily responsible for the commercial handling and marketing of the anabolic drugs supplied by the second nucleus, which was responsible for the preparation and storage of the formulations.

    In particular, the members of the organization, in order to ensure their illegal activity, had set up two fully equipped workshops - laboratories and storage facilities in Attica, while for the manufacture of packaging labels they used specially designed space as a printing press.

    For the handling of preparations, private cars were used, both owned by them and by other persons, while for the transport of larger quantities they were also using lorries.

    In addition, courier and transport companies used parcels both in and outside Greece (such as Spain, Bulgaria, Malta, England, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Portugal, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Romania, Mexico, etc.) , and in order not to be able to relate to them, they gave false identity and communication or names of non-existent legal and natural persons.

    Morning hours yesterday (17 October 2017), police officers of the Financial Police Directorate, with the assistance of National Drug Agency (EMEA) officials, conducted a concerted operation at the premises used by members of the criminal organization where they found and seized:

    large amounts of anabolic and pharmaceutical formulations,
    raw materials for the preparation of preparations and their packaging,
    a sum of money of 35,000 euros and 101 golden pounds,
    handwritten notes with instructions and dosages for the preparation of anabolic,
    bank transaction documents and receipts and
    seals of various businesses.

    in the homes of the arrestees were found and confiscated:

    the amount of 309,600 euros, 40 pounds of pounds, 153 leu of Romania,
    prohibited anabolic preparations,
    two pistols with four magazines, one of which with an altered serial number,
    one hundred two (102) cartridges,
    two (2) glitter guns
    forty-eight (48) clicks,
    four (4) calipers with 7.62 mm caliber,
    7.62 mm caliber cartridge,
    mobile phones,
    lots of documents and stamps.
    It is noted that the total of the seized substances and preparations is estimated to exceed 2,000,000 pieces, while on the basis of the determined sales prices, it is estimated that their total value exceeds EUR 10,000,000 and the tax evasion (VAT and income tax) from their sale exceed € 3,000,000.

    The case filed with the court filed against them will be brought to the Attorney of the First Instance of Athens today. "

    translated from from
    [Ελλάδα]Εξαρθρώθηκε διεθνική εγκληματική οργάνωση... τα μέλη της παρασκεύαζαν, διακινούσαν και διέθεταν στην Ελλάδα και στο εξωτερικό αναβολικές ουσίες - EPIRUS TV NEWS

    btw did they manufacture GH with this equipment (from recombinant bacteria)?
    or they just lyophilized and bottled bulk GH powder bought elsewhere?

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    Yup... primus gap same manofacturing from Grecce on boxes Singapure..
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    Primus alredy start again manofacturing in other country... first batch is alredy redy
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    how can you be so sure?
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    my people alredy have delivery in EU now i waiting for reship to US ...
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    Likely they just buy bulk GH
    and pour it in vials, at best lyophilizing it.

    They're not totally manufacturing GH raws from recombinant bacteria.
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    The owners are in jail waiting trial.

    And no they where not fermenting E. coli for hgh. Plus they didn’t know how to treat hgh and they had terrible quality.

    Under Greek law tax evasion of over 150k is a felony. They are fucked.

    I’m not entirely sure they are being made elsewhere. Poland, Moldova and Bulgaria are not out of the question.
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    Any guess on what whas the (expensive) equipment for?
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    Not true. Primus is not working, they are not produced now.
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    last news about Primus...looking like Primus is definitely gone
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    I forgot to put this video here.
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    Repost, but do you think they were lyophilizing GH there, with that equipment?
    I don't think they were extracting and purifying GH from genetically modified becteria themselves.