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  1. Gaynz39

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    Anyone heard of, or used German Labs GH?
  2. Yosyrj

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    Yes, in bop there a whole drama about this hgh made in Mexico and sold by pompeyes I think, a member did serum and scored 0.1
    And the source took it from his list
  3. taco33150

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    That’s the one started a thread on ..
  4. Demondosage

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    Well I personally ran the stuff and had numb hands on 2iu a day
  5. taco33150

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    I got mine .. came with instructions
  6. taco33150

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  7. Gaynz39

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    Different than what I have. The Sterile water on mine have Brown Tops. What I have was found to have 0 GH.
  8. Brolloks

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    Do you use all the GH?
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  9. taco33150

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    Hope what I have is legit