get color without tanning melanotan

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    Has anyone used melanotan 2 without much if any sun exposure or tanning ? Thinking of trying this peptide to try and get color, not using tanning bed as much or at all to preserve tattoos on the body.

    thoughts and opinions on melanotan 2
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  2. I’ve used it on two different occasions. Both times were each 1 month in duration. I tan very easily and did not notice a difference in color when I did not use a bed or spend time in the sun. In my experience, sunlight or a bed is a must.
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    I have fair skin but can get a tan naturally. MT2 does nothing to skin that didn’t get any sun exposure but areas where I get even a little sun get really dark.
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    Stay away, it'll give you new moles and make existing ones dark as fuck. It's not worth it
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    Used at recommended dosage 3 years ago and got way too dark...horrible tan lines while covered skin tried to keep up to exposed skin.

    Using without direct exposure to sun/tanning bed caused a slight darkening in my experience.

    UV exposure was the key, but overall found it hard to control how dark you get.....and fast!