Gettin weird with the TREN

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Alton Benjamin, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Alright somebody tell me if this is a really stupid cycle or if it would be an amazing cycle...

    Week 1-5
    - test E 500mg/week

    -dbol 30/40/40/30

    Week 6-12
    -Test E 300mg/week

    Week 6-11
    -tren E 400mg/week

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  2. emcomfu

    emcomfu Member

    Not long enuf
  3. Not long enough for tren E dude, how bout some cycle history and stats ?
  4. CdnGuy

    CdnGuy Member

    Test e should be run at the same dose from start to finish imo
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  5. Seven

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    Click on this for something weird, really disappointed.
  6. CdnGuy

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  7. skofan

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    you would probably get a better cycle if you just did 200mg of tren a week for 10 weeks, its a bit on the low side, but adding it to around 400mg of test a week, it might be a pretty good cycle, depending on your goals and current size.

    one thing i would do however, since you are exclusively using long esters, frontload the oils, and save the orals for use after the last pin, while waiting for hormone levels to drop low enough for pct.

    day 1, pin 800mg of test + 400 mg tren
    week 1-10 400mg test + 200mg tren a week (just carry on as you normally would from the second pin)
    week 11-14 dbol (start the day after the last pin)
    then pct
  8. CdnGuy

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    800mg of test is a front load? It will take min 4 wks regardless. Front loading is overrated imo
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  9. Spooby

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    Hm... run a shorter cycle with short esters dude. Better results and faster, for this steroid.
  10. I'm not actually planning to run this cycle...I just put it up to learn/hear what people think about that kind of split.

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  11. skofan

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    the point of a front load is to reach peak levels of hormone in your body in week 1, instead of week 5-6-7'ish.
    on a 400mg a week of test e, the amount of testosterone enanthate in your body are around 787mg of test e at 6 weeks in. frontloading skips those first few weeks of low aas concentrations.
  12. CdnGuy

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    Well thank you for clearly that up for me.
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  13. CdnGuy

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    Read more man
  14. D-Ballin

    D-Ballin Member

    Cycle's a mess. Toss the whole thing. Nothing of value.

    Run both compounds clear through, and don't reduce the test. Or use acetate. Throwing money away running six weeks of enanthate. And if anything, you should be increasing the test dose as you go, not decreasing.
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  15. ebkallday

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  16. ebkallday

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    Lol..... I hope you learned something today! ;)
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  17. CdnGuy

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    It's funny bro but I did actually learn something. My patience level is getting better the longer I'm on Meso lol go figure...
  18. Cownan

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    Not only is front loading over rated but I don't believe it works. Lets take EQ for example. You're saying that if I inject 2g of it week one Ill start feeling the effects of it in 2-3 weeks instead of at the 12-16wk mark? Lets think about this...

    It doesn't matter if you take in a super high dosage of anything. If it takes 4-5 weeks to see results as the body has to go through a "loading phase" then no matter what you do its not going to happen any faster. That's what dbol, tbol, whatever-bol you take is going to kick start the cycle properly. But hey, I admit I'm no expert on this but I do believe front loading to be bro-science. @Dr JIM whats your thoughts on front loading? Am I wrong or is it bro-science?
  19. qbanfreak90

    qbanfreak90 Member

    Do 250mg 3x week

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