Getting a girl pregnant after a decade of use and almost no sperm count?

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    I am 36 and have been using since I was 19. I never used a large amount of gear but never came off much either. Now I am considering have a family and im pretty much shooting blanks. I seriously doubt going off completely will do much because last I tried my test levels never came back up much. So what are my options if I stay but add other medications to hopefully get her pregnant?
  2. I'd stay away from 19nors, add hcg and just cruise on Test while you're trying to start a family. I made sure I had all my kids before I started, but that's what I've seen others do. My younger brother did that and he has two kids now.
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    Research clomid. I seem to remember someone posting having luck with that. I know it's pretty vague but it was a while back.
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    I know a couple people personally that said all they did is add hcg without even coming off trt and that's all that was needed for them. Obviously I would talk to a doctor. If you don't want to though, well worst case scenario you just remember what it's like to have balls again for awhile.
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    I'd try to come off and pct as best you can, and blast hcg like crazy.
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    If it were me: I'd blast 2,000 or 3,000 IU/wk for a couple weeks (split to 2x or 3x/wk) then drop to 1,000 IU/wk indefinitely.

    Cheapest method by far. Seems to work for a large percentage. Won't interfere with cycling or cruising aside from adding a little T, depending on testes output. If no luck after 6 mos, try augmenting with HMG at some added expense.
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    So my best bet is just to add hcg, hmg and clomid? How should I be using them and how do I time it properly?
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    First of all, you need to drop to minimum TRT dose and follow clomid or HCG+FSH protocol for at least 90days as that is how long it takes for sertoli germ cells to mature into sperm. You can not be any other gear (primo during cruise for me did not affect sperm count and health) or high dose of exogenous test if you really want to father a child. You may even have to drop test all together which is not a real problem since HCG of 1000ius EOD will raise your endogenous test to at least middle of normal test range if your testes are working. Note you may need to take an AI as that much of hcg will likely skyrocket your estrogen as well.

    HCG+FSH Protocol: 1000ius HCG EOD and 75ius of FSH EOD on alternating days from HCG. This is what I followed, along with 4ius of generic HGH ED, with 30 days of HCG+FSH, sperm increased to 20million with excellent morphology and motility. HGH is not part of this protocol but there are studies showing positive impact on sperm and egg.

    I would recommend seeing a fertility doctor first to determine if you are secondary or tertiary hypogonad in which case HCG will help but if you are primary you options are very limited.

    You have any recent bloodwork showing test level along with FSH and LH when you were not on a cycle?

    Let us know if you have any questions but do work with a fertility doc.

    Good luck Desibaba ji!
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    What's tertiary hypogonadism? I must've missed that one.
  10. When the problem is the hypothalamus and my personal definition I include outside factors causing low T like drugs (opioids). Secondary is a pituitary issue and primary testicular.
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  11. No point in taking both clomid and hmg/FSH, the whole point of clomid with hCG is to get natural FSH going. If doing hmg/FSH you’re already getting FSH and past a certain point more FSH won’t make a difference. Typically clomid is used first because it’s cheaper and easier to pop a pill than inject. If clomid fails then hmg or FSH is used.
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  12. TRT@40

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    this is a good summary of all three types of hypogonadism!
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    Thx for the info. I've always seen hypothalamus issues lumped in with "secondary" in most of the literature. Maybe this definition is new? Makes sense to separate out the two glands in any case.
  14. At first I thought so too and usually most people, including dr’s refer to both as secondary, but technically it should be separated. I mean it makes sense cause if it’s a hypothalamus issue they could give you serms, pulsatile doses of a GnRH agonist in addition to hcg or hmg/FSH, but if the pituitary is f’d up you could potentially only have hCG and hmg if it’s really bad. Anyway it’s the same thing with hypothyroidism etc
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    How much clomid should I start off with? Should I stop taking the exemestane if I start the clomid?
  16. 25mg/day is a good starting dose. If you are gonna stay on T then you have to do a realistic trt dose, the lower the better. Non of this 300mg “trt,” whatever would keep you in range. I know clomid can work when you have normal T levels, Idk if it would work if your levels were well beyond range. And I’d keep the exemestane, it can aide in recovery/fertility in the absence of AAS, I’d think it could still help, besides you might have higher E levels with hcg/clomid combo.
  17. Bostin loyd has his protocol out there somewhere. Whatever he did must work
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    Damn that's heavy, good luck bro
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    I would:

    Drop test to like 100-150mg/week. Just enough to not feel like garbage.

    Run hcg at 500iu 2-3x a week.

    Run clomid at 25mg/day.

    Keep estrogen on the lower end of normal (20-30 ng/dl).
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    Go to a fertility specialist and get the test done. Go from there after the results.
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