Getting a little out of breath

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Kgkle, May 28, 2018.

  1. Kgkle

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    so I have been on point with “almost” everything and have been killing it in the gym with less gear and throwing on lbs of muscle like I have never done before. But problem is I have been getting out of breath I suspect it’s either because I never do cardio or it’s because I have been getting bigger, or both. Would like to know if I’m completely wrong or if I should just do some damn cardio.
  2. Both, most likely. When's the last time you checked hemoglobin? Too high can have the same effect.
  3. Kgkle

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    it’s been a while. Tbh
  4. legendary

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    See a DR. Could be a medical issue, allergies, aas related, weight issue even mental. Like anxiety.
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  5. Kgkle

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    Well I’m going to try cardio first since I’ve never been at this weight before and then I’ll look in to getting some bloods. I have put on 35 lb in 4 months.
  6. Havah

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    Assuming you ve used PEDs in the past, I would head up to a physician

    Shortness of breath isnt to be taken lightly
    I d go as far as saying it is pretty concerning until proved otherwise
  7. legendary

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    Could also be elevated hematocrit
  8. SuperSwede

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    I get out of breath if i gain to fast. I guess it’s the pressure over the chest, stomach from waterretention. But i’am not a doctor.
  9. Kgkle

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    Yeah that’s probably all it was and we had a heat wave as well I’m fine in the gym usually unless I’m really tired, it’s mostly at work which now that we are cooler (18-25 c) I’m not as out of breath at work and the scale hasn’t moved like it was before either so I’ve probably stopped growing so I can catch up lol
  10. Kgkle

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    And cardio has helped
  11. Savagesteve

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    You donate blood regularly?
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    You should definitely visit the doc if you haven’t in awhile just to be safe, but likely you just need to donate blood and mix in some light cardio a few times a week.
  13. showstoppa

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    Even in a mass gaining phase cardio shouldn't be neglected imo. I'm not talking hard cardio but light rides on the air dyne for 30-40 min two or three times a week can elevate soreness and really helps with health.

    Unless your making a living from this, think health first.
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  14. Kgkle

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    No I don’t give blood often but my blood pressure is pretty good I check that at the store every month. And I do a lot of cardio at work my job is non stop I work on a green chain stacking trim blocks so and we try to beat each other at how many bins we can get out a day.