Getting bored with Meadows

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by TideGear, Oct 8, 2019.

  1. TideGear

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    His workouts are all pretty similar and I'd like to do something else. Can y'all recommend some alternatives?
  2. murray312

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    He loves pullovers!
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  3. Mac11wildcat

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    Apply concepts you learned from his program to do what you “like” to do.

    that should be the goal of using someone else’s program; do it, learn, use it to tweak your own preferred work to be more effective.
  4. Test_Subject

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    Exactly. I tried DC training and found that the rest-pause sets worked great for my arms. I now do arms mostly in that manner. I've found that 531 is a fantastic progression method for my OHP, so that's how I roll with OHP. I love Meadows rows, so I threw them in as well.

    Take what you like and make it yours. Just make sure that your overall program fits your goals and isn't all over the place.
  5. Delt123

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    Fortitude training!
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  6. VaDImadi

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    Heard of this before

    Heard its a lot, in terms of gym space used, such as needing to commandeer multiple pieces of gym equipment to superset etc

    Care to lay out an example workout?
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  7. Delt123

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    Definitely not Nice to do it in a very crowded gym.

    Day 1: lower loading/upper pump

    -bb squat
    -leg extention
    -lying leg curl
    -standing calf
    *loading is between 6-12 reps

    -db flat bench ss lat pulldown
    -dips ss bb curl
    *pump is continous reps between 15-25

    Day 2: upper loading/lower pump

    -Smith bench
    -bb row
    -machine shoulder press

    -banded hack squat ss seated leg curl

    Day 3: muscle round/pump sets

    -Smith front squat muscle round (basically a clusterset: 6 times 4 reps with 10-15sec rest in between).
    -db lunge pump set (again, between 15-25 reps, continous reps)
    -leg curl muscle round
    -adductors pump
    -seated calf pump

    Day 4: muscle rounds/pump

    -low incline press muscle round
    -chest supported tbar row pump
    -machine Side raise muscle round
    -db overhead extention pump
    -ez preacher curl pump
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  8. VaDImadi

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    Thanks for that

    It certainly looks interesting but a bit much for me to bother with

    Probably foolish really because I've heard nothing but good reports on it
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  9. Check Jeff Nippard out. He has some decent programs and hes pretty knowledgeable as well when it comes to training and nutrition.
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  10. Delt123

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    I train with my girlfriend. With 2 people, it takes a while. Alone, this is perfect.

    I made great progress with fortitude on a cruise of 125mg of test and 3iu of gh while my food was at maintenace.

    I wasn't a fan of fullbody workouts but this had changed a lot since running this program.
  11. Switcher

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    These other two gents are absolutely correct.

    I recently had a bit of a younger guy ask to work out with me. I haven't had a partner in 30 years. I, apparently, forget (or take for granted) my accumulated knowledge over the past 36 years. Yeah.. 36 years now *sigh*.

    As I work out with this young man, we are talking about mechanics, concepts, and philosophies. Yeah, he is following my programs for now but the goal is to eventually have him walk away and tailor his programs to his own body. That is one of the 7 principles from Dr. Squat (first 1,000lb squatter)... everyone is different and need their own tailored program.

    If all we are doing is following someone else's programs, we will always be much less than we could. If that is the case, why bother risking your health with added hormones? You would be better served to just learn to work out better first. Now, no judgement on that but think about it.

    Beyond the immediate... As I am imparting whatever accumulated knowledge I do have, I am humbled by the amount of information others provided to me so many years ago. Frankly, any knowledge I have was from listening to others in the gym when I was a teenager or standing in bookstores and reading books from Bill Dobbins or Fred Hatfield (I bought Arnold's stuff).

    My programs have always been mine. There are elements of everyone from Arnold to Lee Priest to Casey Viator in them but they are mine.

    I do not know much about this John Meadows but glean what you can from him and his approach, see what applies to you and what does not. Use what does, discard what does not. Listen, read, experiment, measure results, adjust and so on.