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  1. twoscoops

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    Hey just wondering there was a post that said something about a general knowlege test under some name but I think it got deleted. Does someone know which test im talking about and where it't located. thanks.
  2. 930jj

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    id rather get it from a doc

    this is an interesting question. I know docs prescribe them to people with HIV / I wonder if you could just say you had aids and your muscles are not working properly and that would be that. would they insist that you have an aids test before getting the RX for steroids? I don't know... i would think some docs would just take your word for it...especially if you came in with a story & the right vocabulary like "i just got the primary doesnt know how to treat this.. my t-cell count is already #" who would lie about having aids really? and if you find a very very busy doc who just wants to get you in & out of the office, then there's your RX. I don't know - it could be tough. you'd have to ask around to see what doc gives the stuff out. Of course people with aids sell their store bought perscriptions all the time - but you'd just have to find someone in this scenario which might not be easy depending on who your friends are. i think docs also give them out in certain cases of muscle weakness (neuropathy comes to mind) which is a clinical diagnosis (where you can just mimic the symptoms... i think - or does this require an EMG?)... of course these are all "illegal" things to do but i am finding it a little ironic that people are jumping all over you for wanting to do something "illegal" - why are people here forgetting that black market steroids are just as illegal as ones you get from the pharmacy? the only difference is the black market ones have the potential to be full of crap. Personally, i'd rather take the risk of getting thrown out of a docs office than shot up with rat poison and cool aid. and if you are a self-pay patient, you can just put fake info on the forms and shit - it's not like the doc is going to card you. you don't have to pay if you dont get what you want. it's not a huge deal... honestly, my dad's a doc & i used to work in his office years ago...the craziness ive seen from patients is unreal. docs don't really care unless they are at risk of being sued - then they get nuts. it's VERY rare that a doc will have a license revoked. I know a doc who has lost like 5-6 lawsuits for millions of dollars & never even had his license questioned (and people died in these cases). well, good luck.
  3. Bob Smith

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    Im sure they would want to see the results of the test that showed you were positive. Any doc that didnt request that info or perform a new test would be completely negligent.
  4. Beefy

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    Man, you douche bags are diggin deep to hatch a fuckin dumb ass plan to get some gear. That's some of the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Ever. I would be suprised as hell if one of you is a day over 14. Get a girlfriend, losers.
  5. tatt2d

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    Hey ass clown, you ever think of this.......just go in your dads office, grab his script pad and write yourself whatever you want.
  6. Bob Smith

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    What gets me is that instead of just ordering up some UG test and dbol, which in most states is only a misdemeanor, people are coming up with all sorts of plans to commit a felony like what tatt2d suggested.

    Youre not going to get a legit script for supra-physiological doses, so just admit it and do like what everyone else does. Or so Ive heard.
  7. Millard Baker

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    Even SWALE will tell you that there are scores of doctors that will prescribe supraphysiologic doses of androgens. SWALE will tell you that the scripts are technically invalid according to the law.

    However, I disagree with SWALE when he says there is no difference between getting your androgens from a doctor and getting your androgens from the black market. (IE. I agree with SWALE on his technical but disagree with his practical interpretation of the law).

    I would always prefer to see someone obtain their androgens through a medical professional. IMo, it's safer from a health perspective and a legal perspective.

    But as B.S. warns, never attempt to "trick" or "lie" to your doctor or falsify information or documents to obtain a prescription. Simply submit to blood tests evaluating your T, free T, PSA, etc. The doctor will prescribe according to their own criteria.

    The criteria and the dosages and the range of medications will vary from one longevity clinic to another. And keep in mind that you should always do your own research; not all clinics know what they are doing. They may not prescribe to optimize your health; their TRT protocols may actually compromise your health. Some doctors are primarily interested in patient health; other doctors are primarily interested in making money off medications. Most doctors fall somewhere in the middle of the continuum.
  8. njander

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    not trying to be rude, but people should really think before posting. some of these ideas are ridiculous.
  9. tatt2d

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    I don't mean to be a dick, but isn't "submit to blood tests evaluating your T, free T, PSA, etc." in fact "tricking" your Doc. I appologize if I misinterpretted your meaning. I took your statement as meaning one could somehow manipulate his levels in these areas. BTW, if one was to maipulate these levels wouldn't the dosages the doc prescribes be less than sufficient for BB purposes. Also, how can one learn how to manipulate these levels (i.e. is there an archived thread?)
  10. twoscoops

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    wow I just was wondering if anyone had heard of people getting legal stuff. I realy hate the black market , And borders are a real problem.. I would not try to falsify anything. Most likley if a doctor were to perscribe something it would be in low doses. Why are people so down on legal drugs it's like a bad word or something.
  11. Beefy

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    On Meso most of us believe in responsible steroid use. It's my judgement that, based on what you've said on this thread and others, using AAS at this point in your life would be a big mistake. I apologize for being a dick earlier, but it's really frustrating to see what seems like a young inexperienced guy try to improve his self worth by putting stuff in his body that will probably in up hurting him. I could be wrong about you, bro, but if you get a hold of gear right now you're going to do more harm than good. You need to learn more about training, diet, etc. and you need a few years of serious lifting under your belt so your body is ready for the juice. I hope you take my advice, but if you don't you'll just wish you had. Good luck.

  12. twoscoops

    twoscoops Junior Member

    Im realy trying to read up on my stuff. Im reading some of the posts and sticky notes. I tried googling it , but can't find anywhere that explaines the acrynims you guy use. Is there a post somewhere that would help me understand the lingo. And if not what is AAS,HRT,pct. I figured out what gear is. duh. Just trying to broden my knolege thanks.
  13. Bob Smith

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    AAS - Anabolic, Androgenic Steroids. A general reference to all steroids.

    HRT- Hormone Replacement Therapy.

    pct - Post-Cycle Therapy
  14. Millard Baker

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    You're reading a lot into my statement. I'm not suggesting you manipulate your T levels nor would I advise this.

    What I am saying is that many longevity/trt clinics have lax criteria for prescribing T and hGH. A patient does not need to be outside the normal range to qualify, only at the low end.

    Also, my caveat still applies - just because you find a doctor that prescribes T and/or other androgens, this does not mean he will know what he's doing e.g. may not prescribe hcg, ancillary meds, or proper dosages of androgens. Nor does it mean he will prescribe 1000mg of T per week nor any dosages that AAS using bodybuilders are accustomed to using.

    So, (1) they may not give protocols for proper TRT; and (2) they may not give "bodybuilding" dosages of AAS. Your "health goals" and/or your "bodybuilding goals" still may not be satisfied.
  15. 930jj

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    huh? first... i wasn't talking about me. i was replying to the other guy based on experiences i've had & stories i've heard from my dad & his partners. Patients say & do crazy shit and if you find the right doc, they just want you out the door more than they care about curing some problem you have. and if that means an rx, then it's an rx. Some patients are considered "doctor shoppers" (which is illegal but hard to arrest people for) who go from doc to doc and get 100 tabs of vicodin, etc... all based on lies. People get very creative with this stuff. There was a guy who had an MRI technician put his name on someone else's MRI of a broken knee or something (he either paid the MRI tech or they were friends, i forgot). He then took the MRI around to different docs and got his RX filled for nearly a year. If you're desperate enough, then the hiv example is not that crazy - because you will get the right dosage by a doc who is used to giving that RX out to patients in that group (some docs believe in giving out very high doses of AAS to hiv+ people. Some don't. It's a debated issue, so it depends on the doctor... some docs stopped giving out Cox-2 inhibitors like Bextra & Celebrex when vioxx was recalled... some still give them out... it all depends.) Every imaginable thing has been done by patients who are desperate enough - but that's the key - you have to be desperate & a good actor (or a very attractive woman who can talk her doc into anything). I knew people would think the HIV thing was rediculous (and even i think it's probably a little retarded now that I have reread it) but i know that thousands of 19 year olds go to docs pretending they have ADD because they want adderall & ritalin for recreational use. It has gotten bad enough that articles on the topic are now published in medical journals...

    second... i can't write an RX for AAS so easily. Even if I could, I am not going to jeopardize my dad's entire medical practice for 15 more lbs of muscle - notwithstanding the fact that the pharmacy can always call his office if there is a question (considering docs in his specialty never prescribe steroids), and that I would have to find someone willing to get the RX for me cuz I have the same last name as my father & no pharmacy is going to fill that rx. Glad you thought that one through though.

    "ass clown"
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  16. Millard Baker

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    DEA busts powermedica

    The heat is on the longevity/clinics prescribing AAS and hGH.

    So far there is no precedent for patients of such clinics/doctors being arrested. Let's hope this does not change.

    But if anyone is looking for a precedent-setting case, this is one to follow:
  17. miamiblue

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    In response to the original question-->I've come across a guy on another forum whom had a doctor who was a body builder. Therefore they both had the hookup! If he wasn't blowin' smoke outta his ass then he's one lucky guy! And you can go to your doctor and request a blood test for no real reason. But there is no way he'll prescribe you test without legitimate reason! Honestly, don't bother asking....
  18. JoeyNess

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    sweet but what if there isn't a third drawer
    the doctor leaves the room for maximum 1 minute
    i dont want to look all guilty when he shows up
  19. bigslick

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    omg, your fucking serious?
  20. road warrior

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    Got Test Cyp w/ normal test levels

    Told an online HRT DR that I had symptoms described on their site and got my script fed ex'ed and have been doing 250-300mg1xwk. Highly recommended