GF upset with anavar

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Beastn', Mar 30, 2018.

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    She's a crossfitter, eats properly, and it was tested by me via labmax and color matched perfectly. Been on 10mg a day for 18 days today. I keep telling her to hold tight. She says she feels like she's retaining water weight, or getting "bigger" instead of becoming tighter and more vascular. Her BF is low to start.
  2. Beastn'

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    She's 29, 5'6", 138lbs. 18% bf

    2K calories a day, 125 carbs, 175 protein, 89g fat.

    She just switched 5 days ago from 2,200 cals to 2k and 175 carbs to 125.
  3. Troy22

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    If the Var is from an ugl it may be something else. Sounds like dbol...always get it tested or your GF may grow a dick :eek:
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  4. Iron Vett

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    Since your labmax test seemed to have shown the var to be legit,it probably is. the var labmax is one of the easier test to verify because the colors are usually very distinctive.

    Most women will retain fluid while on Anavar. They will shed the fluid about two weeks after stopping it's use and can see the true results at that time.
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    I personally think her macros are off. She gets them from a nutritionist at her gym. She says she needs her carbs for her lifts .. ok fine. But her fats and calories seem to be high to me. According to her woop, she burns up to 2,500 calories a day being very active. I still believe she should drop her fats, carbs, and lower her cals to ~1700/day. But I am not a woman and am by now means an expert on how their bodies work.
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    Its a myth that Anavar doesn't cause women to retain water. It does for some. Read the other threads and cycle logs
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    I retained water on Anavar. My muscles felt fuller. Looked more plump. It does come back off post cycle though.
  8. Evom1

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    Well, Anavar is an AAS to help grow muscle. Water and glycogen retention are perfectly normal.

    Feeling like she's getting bigger or retaining water is normal. If she's trying to lean out, use ecay or clen not AAS . Also, I am fairly sure the person at the gym is not an actual nutritionist, I bet it's a nutrition coach
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    That's what I meant. She competes in CrossFit. It's being used for other reasons like it's strength gain, hardness etc... But she was really looking forward to the vascularity. Obviously I've never witnessed first hand (knowingly) a female take anavar so I was excited/hopeful for the results as well. Again, only been 18 days out of 7 week cycle though. No women to chime in on her diet? I think she's eating way too much.
  10. Evom1

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    Well as for vascularity start with the most important components

    Hydration. .. Given her Stats I'd say 1-1.5g water per day

    Sodium I'd suggest having this around 6,000-8,000mg especially given she does crossfit.

    If these two are low, vascularity will suffer

    As an option, use hydromax with intra workout carbs and that will give a big boost.
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    @GearGodess , she can help a lot

    Also, gear works well on women, but they react to it much different than men, and patience is very important. Also, there's a ton of info in this forum, it's important that You take the time to read it
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    I held water like crazy on Anavar. I did 10mg for 6 weeks. I’m at right under 2k for calories. My fats are 63g. She is going to hold water. Try dandelion root to help with that. Try fasted cardio as well. I’m sorry she isn’t seeing the results she wanted. She just has to play with diet, everyone has different reactions.
  13. Wendylifts

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    This sounds about right to me actually. How does she feel at night? Does she go to bed hungry? As far as vascularity goes var is not the best compound. MastP or winny is good for that imho.
  14. Morefyah

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    Anavar doesn’t give the greatest vascularity in the first place.
  15. Sk8man101

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    Bro, VAR is a steroid, not a cutter.
    She’s gunna retain some water and she’s gunna gain some weight.

    I would say her sodium intake may need some adjustment.
  16. I am by no means a nutritionist but my gf competes in crossfit and is about to run a var cycle. In the past she has run winny but in her opinion it made her loose some hair. Her macros don't seem off in my personal opinion comparing mine to yours. I don't know her training regiment. If it's similar to my gf's doing the daily "wod" along with staying and working for another hour on lifts or the gymnastics aspect of it. What she is taking in is similar to my gf. I guess what are her goals, to lean out or to build more mass to score higher in the leaderboards? That will determine her diet more than anything. If her diet is in point though she just needs to trust the process and wait for the water to leave. When my girl retains water I always tell her she looks great and full or filled out. ;)
  17. Were her macros the same before she started her cycle? If so how was she responding e.g. was her bf holding steady, decreasing or increasing? As stated PEDs don't directly help very much with cutting bf but instead will help retain muscle when in a calorie deficit.