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Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by GG Pharma, May 2, 2017.

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    GTFOH PIG......
  2. wedorecover

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    Yes I am but I have a feeling you have a few friends here at meso
  3. GG Pharma

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    We will be back on tomorrow to answer anymore questions. Have a good night my muscle bound friends.
  4. Two new bathtub labs in two or three days and it isn't even Friday!

    What in the name of titty fuck is going on around here!? :confused:
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  6. Weston

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    Who are you, again? Why are you even talking?
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  8. Why is the eq dosed so low? Is that normal for eq cypionate? Never had that kind.

    Good luck. The vetting process will be brutal.
    Edit: DNP price is not as bad as I thought. My bad. Misread
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    Must just be another coincidence lol

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    Im pretty sure he has been here before
    Probably learned how to brew here in the brewing section here in meso
    Sounds like the same guy who wanted to make just test cyp 20ml vial
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  11. Marcus

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    Not a bad comparison honestly... he does kinda sound like him before he lost his mind, started threatening members, and couldn't pull himself back to reality
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    Personally I more of an r/sst guy myself over Meso. Sorry to disappoint, never sourced here before and never sourced anywhere else.
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    I'm that guy that doesn't fuckin beg sources for sales. Cheap fuck. Who the fuck are you fags
  14. wedorecover

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    Have u been a member here under a different handle
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  16. Apexvallen

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    I'm leaning more towards a rebrand rather than legit first time on here. Which isn't necessarily the end of the world, but it depends on why they did the rebrand.
    For a first time seller he has a lot of compounds for sale, I've seen much worse lists than that.
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  17. GG Pharma

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    First time sourcing online anywhere. No other handles on Meso at the moment and no friends here. Like I said in my intro we have serviced our local area so we built up our product line form the basics over the course of that time, based on demand. We are excited though to have a more diverse customer base so we can offer more diverse products.

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    Let me look
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    Ok. No IG right? If this is @musclehead320 posting from his cell, I'm not impressed.
    You take precautions such as VPN yes? And no its not a security risk to say if you're using a VPN.