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    hey everyone
    i know some clients here have doubt on the quality of godtropin. but i have confidence on my own gh, so i was looking for the labs who can do the gh full analysis, actually, i can find only @janoshilk who provide this service. so i sent 2 samples to him for gh analysis.

    sample vial 1: we improved the quality, we put more dose on this special batch, we made only 20 kits, then i pick one random vial for analysis. this special batch for meso members

    sample vial 2: i pick one random vial from the recent batch, we have same quality since one year.

    so u can see the reports as attachment
    sample vial 1: Janoshik Analytical
    sample vial 2: Janoshik Analytical

    PS: the result are very similar to our own test. as purity, we tested 98.6%,98.7%,99.1% 99.3% etc, but those 2 random vials have higher purity. if anyone has any question on the analysis, feel free to ask @janoshik here.

    PS: any client can send any RANDOM vial to janoshik or any other lab for gh analysis.

    all the members took the promo , we sent the kit with same quality as sample vial 2.

    sample vial 1 from new special batch, we have 20 kits on stock, now we keep those kits only for high rank members who can run blood test, PM me for private promo.

    now we are making new special batch with same quality as vial 1, it will come out in 15 days, only for meso members.

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    So you sent in your own samples. Yeah seems legit! smh
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    yeah, i pick up 2 random vials from different batches, sent to janoshik.
    of course, im aware if jano can make accurate report. so i didnt tell him any info about the vials. he knows godtropin is 24iu per vial, thats why i didn't tell him sample vials 1 from new special batch. i just told him 2 random vials from new labs,maybe its bunk. but the result came from jano are similar to our own test.

    best regard
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    Just me but I don't trust any source sending in their own products. Also sir I see you promise 100% satisfaction or refund. Well I read a complaint on another board from 3 wks ago. And no refund was provided, why?
    Seems that has happened in your other thread here. If you make the statement you should be a man and honor it. Guess it's just a ploy to suck in customers!
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    You must not have look very hard there are two other labs that could have provided that analysis that don't have a shady history on this board. Only thing less credible than a lab sending I'm their own product for analysis, is a source sending their own product to Jano for analysis.
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    Which laboratories ?
  7. Logan44551

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    Lab4tox and chemtox
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    in the market, which source makes 24iu of vial or more dose in one vial ? tell me where i can buy 29iu vial ? so those vials r from our own lab, and we are capable of making high quality gh.

    about the refund: i show my gh is good quality, doesn't have any quality issue. but if any client is still not satisfied with it, pls PM me,and send me back the product, then a full refund will be done.
    best regard
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    How many HGH analyses from ChemTox and Lab4Tox have you seen?
    What evidence do you have that their analyses are better than Jano? Lab4Tox costs much more than Jano, there is zero analyses to compare it to and they only give mg/vial. They can't do purity, they can't do dimer and you say they are better? Have you used them?
    Only Jano problem i have seen is that he didnt receive the samples so I asked him to take picture and he also correct analyzed the samples.

    best regard
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    Go fuck yourself and your “special batch”
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    Chemtox don’t make lab test on hgh or peptides
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    u pm me for promo, i said 120$, u said u wouldn't pay that, i said thats fine, no problem.

    when u r nice to others, that is the best to yourself.

    best regard
  13. Naugahyde

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    You mention you have improved your QC in relation to HGH purity - but on the Godt review page on Eroids your customers are still complaining of immunological issues/red welts as recently as last week. How do you account for that?
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    u can see the report of analysis, the purity is more than 98%, its pretty good as generic. there is no issue on product itself. but u can't avoid no one get red welt. red welt happens randomly to a few clients, even with pharma grade. less than 2% clients , its normal.
    best regard
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    hey guys
    i have some 290iu kits, i want more members can run blood test. price is 160$, blood test on gh serum and igf1 in 2 -3 weeks, i refund the blood test fee.
    best regard

    ANNADICT Junior Member

    hi godt240 i have placed an order recently but i got no reply from you
    could u help me to have a look please?
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    ANYTHING is better than Jano considering his fraudulent past.

    And I'll mention this ONE MORE TIME, bc GH is NOT a controlled substance the involved lab is NOT required (unlike AAS) to have a DEA facility license to conduct testing!

    But the fact you're still pandering to Jano's party line speaks volumes about where your allegiance lies.
  18. Dr JIM

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    1) Pharma does as do several other MORE expensive GHGH products

    2) how many is "few" bc GT has more reports of injection welts than all other GHGH products combined


    4) GARBAGE it's exceedingly rare in pharmaceutical HGH

    5) NO its abnormal and is indicative of product contamination in spite of a purity of 98% ----- and the other 2% is WHAT!

    6) Send money now, we talk refund qualifiers later
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    How about your fraudulent everything?

    Is pretending to be a doctor not a crime in the states? :)

    It's not a crime to be stupid, which you are, but people really shouldn't heed your advice. While GH is not scheduled, it IS controlled and explicitly so, by the FDA.

    Or maybe people could try the 'golden standard' AAA :D

    Trying to act like some kind of authority, because you get none at home, old man? Good luck.