Gh and neck size

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    Is this the reason some people genetically got a huge neck

    Or forearms
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    When I'm on gh everything thickens up neck wrists ankles even my cock get thicker forearms as well but wrist is the best part cause I have small wrists
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  3. I have a large neck, forearms and calves and have never used GH.

    I just contribute it to genetics and the type of training I do which is strongman. I also grew up doing farm work and shit.

    My dad has a massive neck and forearms as well, but has always done farm work and worked on vehicles and shit in addition to his main job. I don't think he's ever stepped foot in a gym but is probably one of the strongest dudes I've ever known.

    So yeah, a combination of a genetics, lifestyle and training.
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    Kinda looking towards permanent change. Bone related for the forearms
  5. 350lift

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    fuck genetics man

    was hoping gh might change that if ur in ur twenties still

    even tho I probably wouldn’t try it because I’m too lazy to
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  6. Are we talking specifically water retention or muscle size?

    If water retention... my ankles... like damn.
    I almost have to switch to diabetic socks while on GH
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    No that genetically big neck some people have naturally
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