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  1. Jfox500

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    I have a quick question. When it comes to gh. Is it best to get the pins? Will I be able to run less, with it being the highest quality? Just wanting to do my homework.
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    Sounds like you got a lot of homework to do.
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    There is a entire section dedicated to GH and peptides. There is a fucking plethora of knowledge there! I am 100 percent certain you will find your answers there. At least you will find enough to be able to ask a proper question. For example I have 2 types on hand for me one at 12iu one at 22iu per vile. Lol I inject the same amount every day no matter what brand or type. You have to dig and read.
    The section you are looking for even happens to be right under the steroid thread you have decided to post in.
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  4. Jfox500

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    Thanks. I don’t know how to delete my post. I was being lazy. I should have dig deeper.
  5. Human_backhoe

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    Haha. I don't know if you can. Meso loves history! Good luck and be careful. Really do your research before contacting a source! Make sure you get bloods FIRST as well.
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    I am not convinced you know how to navigate the forum yet. Here is a link to Human Growth Hormone and Peptides

    If you spend enough time there reading the different threads you will be able to make an educated decision for yourself. Good luck jfox
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  7. Jfox500

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    Thanks. I appreciate it.
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  8. lilhawk

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    If you're asking these questions you have no business using GH yet.