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  1. Swolldier

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    Hello fellow Mesoers,

    My buddy just had his GH checked 3 hours after an injection. I believe he's taking 4 IU's twice a day?

    His GH level was 0.2 which is low. He's been on GH for about a month now.

    Is his GH bunk?


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  2. Swolldier

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    I was unable to edit but he takes 2iu in am and 3 iu in pm.
    This lab was drawn 12 hours after the 3iu dose. He has been on HGH for a month now at that dose of 5iu every day split.

    Thanks for your knowledge.
  3. Eman

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    He should have pulled IGF1 levels. The GH test is mostly worthless, particularly if he only pinned 3iu and then pulled bloods 12hrs later. Get IGF1.
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  4. Swolldier

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    Thank you. When is the best time to pull bloods after HGH administration?
  5. Eman

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    If you are getting IGF bloods, I typically follow my normal AM/PM dosing and just pull bloods in the morning... It's my as strict.

    Serum GH needs like 10iu pinned and then pull bloods shortly after... And then you only have part of your answer because you'll still need to know IGF.
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  6. Swolldier

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    Thank you. I appreciate it.
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    Generally what people use as a comparison for serum gh is pin IM 10iu and test 3 hours later.