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  1. g89

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    Hello guys

    I ve recently purchased some underground hgh (30 days supply) so that I check it first and then re odrder bigger quantity.
    I was thinking of taking 5 iu per day, and get tested a week later for GH serum levels.
    My question is how long after the injection should I take the test?
    Some people say it only stays in the blood for 30 mins, other that its half life is 3 hours.
    Im kinda confused.

    Also, since the lab had no idea about the IGF 1 test, is GH serum levels test gonna be enough to determine if what i m taking is approximately legit?

    Thank you
  2. Eman

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    No. Don't bother with it. Get the IGF1 test.
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  3. g89

    g89 Junior Member

    Is a week of taking gh enough to take the test?
    And should i take it an hour after the injection?

    thank you very much!
  4. Logan44551

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    From what I have read two weeks is better. As far as timing doesn't matter for the igf-1 test I believe
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  5. Diesel10

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    igf-1 test has nothing to do with injection time. So whenever is convenient.

    In my opinion minimum of one week, but why not wait two weeks to be sure.

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  6. Goingstronger

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    After 4 days at 5iu Chinese HGH my igf-1 was at 360, roughly double my baseline, so yes, 1 week is enough to tell if your HGH works
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  7. g89

    g89 Junior Member

    Τhank you!
    Im being very skeptical about this hgh because it is cheap
    Seems to be like too good too be true

    Could you tell me what your source was?
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  8. Goingstronger

    Goingstronger Member

    Source in Turkey for Genotropin or in China?
  9. LOVEMe89

    LOVEMe89 Junior Member

    Will my igf-1 be raised if i'm doing an 6iu eod protocol?
  10. g89

    g89 Junior Member

    In China!
    I bought from an alibaba seller that i ve read too many people have bouht with good results
    Nevertheless im skeptical
    Could you inbox me?
  11. Logan44551

    Logan44551 Member

    It should, that is a weird protocol though, what is your goal with the gh usage? There are a couple articles on the home page by chest Rockwell on different gh protocols, one for fat loss and one for hytrophy. I would check them out.
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  12. Diesel10

    Diesel10 Member

    Any reason not to do 3iu ed?

  13. Goingstronger

    Goingstronger Member

    Why would I inbox you? Nothing on this forum prevents the public display of sources.
    Mines were Hygetropin from

    But: as reiterated on this forum many a time, who knows what’s in non-FDA HGH?

    For a few bucks more, get yourself some US pharma HGH
  14. LOVEMe89

    LOVEMe89 Junior Member

    well some people say that a higher dose spikes your hormones more significantly.
  15. Dr JIM

    Dr JIM Member

    A starting dose of FIVE IU QD!

    You might want to spend A LOT more time investigating a legitimate source such as Humatrope and their ADULT dosing protocol.
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