GH Sub-Q Inj Site Choices

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    Hey all,

    Looking to collect some info from you all on sub-q GH injection sites. Ive been using my stomach, pinch any flab and pin while holding the piece of stomach, then letting go once the injection is finished. For months, using Opti’s. Recently changed to splitting the dose, two pins daily.

    Kindly chime in on your site and your method (pinch and hold?). I’m using slin pins that are 1/2”. I just want to maximize my GH and know I’m not loosing out on anything due to my technique. Thanks!
  2. Doubt your losing out. There was a thread that discussed bioavailability of sub q, im, and iv (no fucking way) recently. Check it out the im had higher bioavailability but a slight decrease in duration available I believe. I change sites but doubt it has much if any impact.
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    I put it in my remaining lower back fat (love handles) since theyre holding on for deer life. I just switched to optis. I'm only going 2.5 iu at night. I'm gonna slowly increase up to 4 and that'll be am pm dosing.
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    Love handles
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    Pinch and pin works great for me. I'm kind of lanky with shitty skin, though, so I use a 31g 5/16 slin pin lest I look like a bruised dart board.

    I recommend the 30unit 1/3mL size as the markings are more accurate. At least at the Walmart here they come in your choice of needle sizes.
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    Oh, and if anyone decides to do what I mentioned, ensure you still keep on hand some 29g 1/2 inch 1mL syringes. Trying to reconstitute your vials 1/3mL at a time with a needle that barely pierces the stopper is a pain in the ass.