GHD vs. Reverse Hyper

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Rival, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. Rival

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    considering to add to my home gym. I’ve been interested in both for sometime. I originally liked the idea of a reverse hyper but now leaning towards the GHD considering you can do Reverse Hypers on there as well with a band.

    For those who programmed either of the 2 pieces of equipment into their routine/or own them; does it justify the cost? Notice improvements in your posterior chain? Help with strength/core overall? Notice drastic improvements in squat/deadlift? Or does this just sit in the corner of your gym unused?
  2. ickyrica

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    Ghd 10/10 times
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  3. Vincentino

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    Just from my personal experience in powerlifting and as a competitor with back injuries from my time in the Army, the Reverse Hyper is irreplaceable. You can’t put a cost on having a healthy back, and you also can’t trade not having back pain after a heavy squat or deadlift day. I just bought one from Titan for my home gym and it’s amazing, although on their site it’s called the HPND, not a reverse hyper, just due to copyright issues with Westside Barbell.
  4. Rival

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    I feel you on the back pain. That’s what opted me to start looking into one. I do think though with a decent GHD I could pull off reverse hypers with bands, and could be the best bang for my buck. Limited space/budget otherwise wish I could have both.

    I really wish gyms were open right about now. Just so I could go do a “trial period” and just use the reverse hyper for a week to see how it does for me in terms of my lower back. I’ve never tested one out yet.
  5. Vincentino

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    I understand. Well whatever you decide, I hope you get the rehabilitations you need to deal with the pain. I know how shitty it can be
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