GHRP-6 and Hexarelin Dosage?

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  1. Scooby67

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    I'm 42 years old, 5'4" and 167lbs. 2 cyces under my belt and am on 150mgs of Sust/week for TRT. Anyway, I picked up the above peptides to aid in some tendon rehab and for overall health maintainence. What daily dosing would you recommend for this?? Again, it's more for rehab than balls to the walls growth. I'm looking at 100mcgs of ghrp-6 twice a day for starters. Also, would you recommend using just one and not both together? Thanks for the input!!
  2. Renegade69

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    the guys in the mens health section might be able to answer this!
  3. Scooby67

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    Thanks Renegade. I'll post it there.
  4. jasthace

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    I run half a dozen 5mg vials of ghrp6 @ 500mcg post workout in an attempt to rehab my worn shoulder.
    I also used a couple of vials of Hexarelin @ 200mcg
  5. ericraven2003

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    I used CJC instead of GHRP, but did use Hexarelin.
    I used 1mg of each a week split into daily dosages.
  6. novicebb

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    Haven't taken peptide hormone plunge yet but so itching to give it a try. Have read that Hexarelin and ghrp-6 are a great stack.
  7. jasthace

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    From what I have read, there's no benefit of stacking the short acting ghrps such as GHRP-6, GHRP-2 and Hexarelin ,but there is benefit stacking it with the longer acting cjc-1295.
    Its said to be of benefit running CJC-1295 for elevated gh throughout the entire week {dosing twice weekly } and adding a post workout dose of the short acting ghrps for a synergistic gh spike with post workout meal and perhaps insulin.
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    ^^^ Agreed^^^