GHRP, CJC-1295, Hexarelin : stackable or not stackable

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    Dear experts,

    I read many website and forum, but none gave me answers.

    I've 21 years old monkey, he is 150lbs, who want add some LBM and skin improvement. I know that "regular" HGH injection work best on older people, but I consider those releasers, to boost my own production.

    But, does cjc-1295, Hexarelin and ghrp-6 are stackable ?

    I heard hexa + GHRP-6 induced a greater HGH release, but what about CJC-1295 ?

    Also, do those product cause prolactin level increase ? So, must I use dostinex (cabergoline ?)

    What are correct directions and dosage (how many mg and time after/before eat etc)

    Do they cause internal organ growth ?
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